Monday, October 10, 2016

Kenneth Kim Vineyards, like an episode of Parts Unkown

One of the best parts about writing this blog is that sometimes I get invited on cool adventures. Last week, for example, I had the pleasure of visiting Kenneth Kim Vineyards which is a petite winery about 50 minutes east of Pyeongtaek in a beautiful rural valley, hidden away from the hustle and bustle. Mr Kim built his little winery with an apartment for himself, a wine cave below, and a large working space that was modeled after a French winery of historical importance to Korea.

Mr. Kim, who graduated from Stanford and who spent most of his life raising a family and growing a business in California, fell in love with wine while traveling in Europe for work and living near California's gorgeous wine country. His passion for wine was so strong that he began making his own in 1993, and even brought the passion back with him to Korea. For years he wrote a respected wine column, imported wines, and did wine tastings in Seoul. He was featured in many publications, some of which you can read when you visit his space. His expertise helped to bring wine appreciation to Korea. He is a true pioneer in the industry and has wonderful stories to tell.

These days Mr. Kim has moved to rural Anseong to enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside and focus on making his own wines. Despite loving the countryside, he still feels driven to share his passion with others. In order to do this, he coordinates wine events through his Wine Connoisseurs of Korea Club group that you can find here: He also has a Facebook Page Kenneth Kim Vineyards.

When I went to visit Mr. Kim I had no idea what to expect. What I found was a man with a lot of passion for what he does, both in terms of process and history. He is full of the stories, ideas, and questions that make the perfect dinner companion. We talked about all sorts of interesting and fascinating topics and it left me feeling like I had dropped into an episode of Parts Unkown. How often do you get to meet someone who has spent so much of his life persuing a passion?

If you would like to have the pleasure of having dinner with Mr Kim while drinking beautiful wines from his vineyard and around the world, you need to check out his meetup group and get involved in future events:

The next two next two Wine Connoisseurs of Korea Club events are:

Includes: A lot of free flowing wine and a shared meal.
Transportation: will be coordinated from Seoul (see meetup event)
It can also be coordinate from the Pyeongtaek and Songtan Areas
if enough people are in attendance. 
Tickets are 100,000 won in advance or 120,000

October 29th which is a Halloween Wine Tasting