Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Set Lasers To Stun

To Do: Beauty, Laser Hair Treatment

When it comes to beauty I'm super lazy.
Like, I'm annoyed that I have to shower.
So when I learned the cost of laser hair treatments
I was like, "SHUT UP! I am going now."
and actually went immediately after work.

It only took 60,000\ and 30 minutes a month for 6 months
for my underarms to no longer be the pits.
As one of my friends once said,
"At this price I'm leaving Korea looking like a hairless cat."
Another friend told me,
"For $200 a session I'm leaving Korea with nothing but my eyebrows."

Of course, sometimes it takes a bit longer for some people.
Treatment success varies based on your skin and hair type.
I've had to get touch ups after 6 months, 
but then that took care of it.
Of course, like anything, pick a good place.
I went to a few that I wasn't impressed with before finding
the two that I recommend here.


Warning: Privacy
Please be prepared for different comfort levels 
when it comes to privacy and don't panic.
They have different boundaries than we do.
Simply express your need for privacy 
and they will respect it.
Just don't freak.

Pro Tips for Armpits:
  1. Wear a tank top under your regular shirt so you don't really have to change.
  2. Shave very well right before you go to the clinic.
  3. Don't pile on the deodorant before going.
Pro Tips for Bikini:
  1. If you want to go all the way, make it clear to them. They aren't used to this request.
  2. Take your own loose fitting short shorts as you most likely wont fit what they provide.
  3. Shave VERY well exactly what you want lasered the day you go to the clinic.
Songtan / Seojeongri
Name: 365 Hospital
Address: 경기도 평택시 이충동 610-1, 
Naver Map:

Name: 강남뷰여성의원
Address: 경기도 평택시 평택동 292-6 3층