Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bros Kitchen and Gastro Pub in Songtan

When I first saw Bro's Kitchen, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't excited. I've had so many terrible burgers and sandwiches in my life (all over the world) that I'm rarely excited about trying a new place. I'm more interested in noodles and rice. In fact, I'd say that I arrived at Bro's ready to dislike it. It actually took TWO visits in order to work up the guts to try something. THAT'S how much I don't enjoy burgers. I was 100% sure it was going to be smothered in really weird sauce, on terrible quality bread, with low grade composite meat and I would be sick for a day.

Once again, a restaurant has humbled me and set me straight. The Earthquake burger is a delight and the fries that come with the set are cooked just the way I like it. It's wonderful that, these days, new restaurants in the area are proving me wrong more than right. New owners are upping the game and changing my views of what's possible. Thank you Bro's for teaching me a lesson to not judge a new restaurant by past experiences.

So what makes this burger stand out? Let's start with the bun. It's awesome. I've been super unhappy with the brioche bun concept that has been very popular in Korea. It soaks up all the sauce and just gets gross.  Bro's bun is the opposite of that. It's hearty (more like a European bun), well formed, and holds up the ENTIRE meal. The burger to bun ratio is also right. As my dining companion said, "It actually tastes like burger, as in the meat." They haven't tried to make you feel like you are getting "more" but hiding a small patty in a huge bun. So visually it seems smaller than other burgers, but it's not. There is just less filler.

Next, the sauce isn't too sweat and it's not drowned in it. Usually this is my biggest complaint. I get a burger and it's swimming in a weird sauce that drips everywhere, destroys the bun, gets gross messy, and makes the entire meal the worst.  I have a lot of feelings about sauce.

Sadly, what I can eat at Bro's is limited since it's a cheese heavy menu. Most of the dishes would be pointless if I had them hold the cheese so I'll have to let others review those. For now I'll just stick with eating my weight in Earthquake burgers.

WAZE ID: Bros Kitchen and Gastro Pub

*** This listing and all other restaurants reviewed by South of Seoul can be found in the South of Seoul app which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. ***

Monday, December 12, 2016

The WAZE App: Using WAZE ID from SOS app

Ok, so you have the South of Seoul app and you've picked where you want to go, but we all know navigation is a beast with Google or Apple maps. Well, I'm using the WAZE app to solve this problem. Here is how it works.

Step 1: Find the restaurant, cafe, or location you are interested in visiting.
Step 2: Look for the WAZE ID in the description.

Step 4: Open the WAZE App. Click on the bottom left icon.
Step 5: Search for the WAZE ID. When you see the business you are looking for pop up, click on it. EVERYTHING MATTERS here. Capitals, spacing, etc. Enter it EXACTLY like it's listed in the South of Seoul app.
Step 6: Click go. WAZE will immediately begin giving you directions.

Hope this helps you find all the places you want to go.

The WAZE App: How to enter new places

The one free English mapping system that appears to work in Pyeongtaek is the WAZE app. Sure, navigating using Daum and Naver is easy as pie, but if you can't speak Korean sometimes this can feel stressful.

In order to make WAZE work it's best, every location that is regularly used in our community needs to be added by hand by a person standing in front of the business. WAZE does this because then the location is marked by latitude and longitude instead of an address. Since the addresses in the area are constantly changing, this is a very helpful feature - but also time intensive. So I need all the help I can get.

To add to the struggle, WAZE appears to only allow a user to add 15-18 places from one area at a time. In a dense area like Korea, this proves problematic since there might be 20-30 useful businesses in one area - requiring 2-3 trips in order to completely map it. 

The best way to solve this issue is if we all work as a team and map all the places that we go on a regular basis. Which sounds easy, except that mapping is not an intuitive feature on WAZE and takes a long time to figure out... which is why I'm writing this. I'm going to give you a photo tutorial so make it easier.

The FASTEST way to enter something into WAZE

Step 1: Click on the orange button on the lower right
Step 2: Click on Place on the lower left.
Step 3: While standing outside, take a picture of the front of the building

Step 4: Enter a name. Please enter the name as accurately as possible.
Step 5: Choose a category. You can choose multiple categories if you want to.
Step 6: Click done.

You can enter more information if you are so inspired, but it's not required. Once you have submitted this information it can take a few minutes or a few days to actually register in the app and be available to everyone. It's not a perfect system, but it's the best one we have right now.

FYI: There have been issue with the fact you now need to enter a phone number for WAZE to confirm users. I've had to do this multiple times. It's a real pain in my ass because the "text" the code option doesn't work. I HAVE to request the automated call. Because of this, I don't recommend logging in and out. Just stay logged into the app.

GOOD LUCK! and happy mapping :)

Friday, December 9, 2016

The New South of Seoul Pyeongtaek is HERE!

Living outside Seoul can be a challenge for foreigners  The language barrier is a complicated hurdle, Google maps rarely works well, information in FB groups gets buried, and there aren't many bloggers who stick around. When you need something, it's often easier to just follow the information and catch a train to Seoul rather than find what you need close to home.

However, wouldn't it be nice if it didn't have to be like that? If you had all the information you needed to solve your problems in your own community? Well, South of Seoul has done just that for foreigners living in Pyeongtaek. 

We have gone neighborhood by neighborhood and documented what you need to know to make living life close to home easy and fun. In addition to restaurants, bars, and clubs to make life more exciting - we also have special sections for pet owners and parents to help meet their unique needs. Kids making you crazy? We have over 20 places listed that cater to families. Doggies going crazy in your small apartment? Go check out one of the dog cafes or dog parks and let them get all the energy out. We are also going to be adding much more as time goes by, this isn't the end it's just the beginning.

The calendar of local events is especially helpful. The app is focused on not only foreigner specific events, but also the free arts events funded by Pyeongtaek City, local festivals, and much more. FINALLY, a place to see what's happening around town. No more searching through FB groups and pages. If you have an event you want included on the calendar, please email the information to

Since Google maps doesn't work well near the US military bases (where many of the best foreign restaurants exist) or in neighborhoods with lots of construction, we have walked through each neighborhood and added important locations to the WAZE app and included this information in the South of Seoul app. This makes navigation easy and efficient. This is an on going project, but one that will make everyone's life much easier.

You can also watch LIVE facebook videos that South of Seoul posts from around town to help you get comfortable and learn about what's up. There are live tours of restaurants, parks, community arts centers, festivals, and more. Watch videos and discover new things.

You can even share your own adventures and see what others are up to. All of us at South of Seoul are super into building a community, sharing stories. and telling about adventures. However, sometimes we don't want to tell the world, just each other. That's why we included a way to share the love of life outside Seoul that doesn't include logging into facebook.

There are, of course, many other awesome parts to the new app and we will share more of them over the next three weeks. If you are excited about exploring with the new Pyeongtaek, click on one of the following links and download it today:

Thank you to these restaurants for supporting the launch of this new app. We could never have done it without the support of our Pyeongtaek community.
  • Braai Republic
  • MANNA the Kitchen
  • Hangari Galbi
  • Louis' Bar & Grill
  • Tailgate Tavern
  • The Stoop
  • Pub 210
  • Loft33
  • Boiling Crab & Shrimp
  • Ceviche 210
  • Attractive Coffee
  • Bear Paw
  • JJ's Diner

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Rules (and fines) for Your Doggies In Pyeongtaek

Many of us here in Pyeongtaek are raising fur babies, but sometimes it's hard to be sure exactly what the rules are.  Here are the ones that Pyeongtaek is most focused on right now. Following these laws and rules will help ensure and easier life for you and your pet.

Pyeongtaek Pet Rules / Laws:

- Be considerate of others and understand not everyone loves pets. Some people are scared of them.

- Pets must be leashed. Should be decent and appropriate in length  FINE: 100,000 won 

- Pets must be tagged. The tag must specify the owner’s name, contact number, etc.  FINE: 200,000 won

- Residents must pick up after dogs (so carry bags with you). FINE: 100,000 won

- You are required to care for the pets you adopt for their life time. Abandoned pets FINE: 1,000,000 Won.

- All pets must be registered by 3 months old. They are registered with the Pyeongtaek City Livestock Division at your nearby animal hospital. Korean's use chips to register their animals. FINE: 400,000 won. (learn more at

If you need more information than this: Contact the Pyeongtaek City Livestock Division at phone number 031-8024-3840~4

Friday, December 2, 2016

Pyeongtaek Subway, Trains, Buses

Let's say that you are somewhere with friends and you want to go home, but you aren't sure what the closest subway is. Or imagine you need to catch an intercity bus but don't know where to find the closest terminal. Or maybe you want to know what subway stop has the E-mart or which station has the KTX trains (opening December 9th).

Well, South of Seoul app has your covered. We've created a detailed listing of the main transportation hubs. Just open search and click on the Subway, Trains, and Buses.

When it opens you will see the different options which will organize themselves based on what is closest to you at that moment. So this list will reorganize while you move about town. SOOO nice when you are new and still not oriented to the area.

Next, when you open the transportation hub of your choice, it will give you a list of important places located near that hub.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Host Your Holiday Party at Tailgate

With Christmas and New Years fast approaching it's time to start looking for the perfect place for you company, friends, or organization to gather and feel some cheer. Where I stopped for dinner last night, Tailgate Tavern, happens to be one of the best places in the area for large groups. Not only is the place huge (holds up to 75 people), but there is plenty to do like pool, darts, poker, Christmas movies, or Christmas Karaoke.

Of course, planning Christmas parties is hard right? Not with Tailgate. No, seriously. They have the best system I've heard about so far. All you have to do two things:
  1. Pick a date. Christmas is coming fast so do this SOON. They may even have some lunch options if that's something you need.
  2. Order your food and drinks 2 days before the event. This is sooo easy and it's one of the main reasons I think they are a great choice for events like this. Tailgate has a very structured ordering system that is clear and straight forward. Cost shouldn't be a mystery or surprise.  They have menu for groups (I've seen it, it's very organized) and you just pick what you want and send it to them.
After you have done these two things you just show up and have some fun. Oh, and pay them. lol. Not many businesses in town are this organized and ready for large groups of people, they really do take the stress out of things.

If you are worried about transportation, they can also coordinate a bus to help move people from place to place and work with a local taxi company to ensure everyone gets home safe. They have thought of every detail to make this easy for you. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

SOS App Coming Soon!

It's Since (where SOS also volunteers) and the South of Seoul community has been growing faster than we ever anticipated so we've decided to get fancy! We are launching an iPhone and Adroid app that will tell you everything you need to know about living in Pyeongtaek. The app is currently being tested by a few local volunteers and should be ready for download in a few weeks.

South of Seoul is partnering with local businesses to do an official launch - hopefully before Christmas - with a party and giveaways to get us started. Currently we have collected gifts from:

  • Loft33, 
  • Louis' Bar & Grill, 
  • Tailgate Tavern, 
  • Boiling Crab & Shrimp, 
  • Braai Republic,
  • Coffee Loves Coffee.

Here are some of the exciting features on the upcoming app:

SEARCH for Food and Fun
  • A database of places I love.
  • Search is divided into neighborhoods.
  • The ability for users to add their own favorites.
  • Easy fast reviews of listings.
  • A map of all the listings directly around you.
  • Bookmarking places to save for later.

  • Indie businesses can list themselves OR you list ones you love.
  • Services like childcare, health, tutors, etc.
  • You can support these businesses withe your reviews.
  • Ability to bookmark services you want to use.
  • Ability to send a request for services through the app.

ATTEND Local Events
  • Integrated with google calendar
  • PIEF Events
  • Pyengtaek City Events
  • Business Events

FOLLOW Foodies and Fun
  • Restaurants and foodies can share images and information.
  • You can follow your favorite foodies to see where they go.
  • Basically, we can geek out in our own private space. lol

HELP Us Grow / Eat
In order to make sure South of Seoul can stick around and keep coming up with great ways of making life outside Seoul aweseome, we are building in a variety of was the community can come together to support and encourage continued growth. Here are two ways that you can give if you find the South of Seoul blog and app 
  • Patreon: ($2-$45 a month) If you would like to support Lanae's work in particular, then you can contribute through Patreon. When you signup you will contribute monthly to the work that goes into making sure all the best places are found. Just cancel it when you leave Korea. The reason this is a monthly system is that research is never ending. In order to always be on top of current information, South of Seoul needs to keep exploring and this helps make sure we can afford to be out there every month finding the best places.
  • GoFundMe: (Current goal is $750 for the years expenses) Separate from this is the GoFundMe which will be used to fund the app itself. This will pay for the monthly fees associated with keeping it live and working smoothly for the first year. If we raise OVER the $750 then I will use that money to develop the app further. Pay some folks to add in better features, speed up load times, adjust preset to things that make us all happier. So give to GoFundMe and I'll make the app more and more badass.
Both of these funding options are linked to in the app so you can make a decision after using it for a while. This isn't a shake down, just and opportunity to all do this together if you think it's something that makes your life better :)

Friday, November 11, 2016

Dog Town Club Pet Grooming and Pet Hotel

Although I've driven past Dog Town Pet Grooming many times and I've seen their posts on FB I've never really given them much thought since my little ankle biters don't need any pet grooming. However, last night Saem (the owner and groomer) messaged me and asked me to swing by and check it out. Since I had some free time I thought, "Why not?" I mean, I'm sure there there are lots of folks in the Pyeongtaek Restaurants & Things To Do Group have dogs with long hair and might need a recommendation. Plus, I'm just generally curious. I've seen FB posts for Dog Town and I've never been able to figure out what to think.

So, last night I grabbed my soy pumpkin spiced latte at 커피에 반하다 and headed over. The shop isn't huge and it's located maybe a 5 minute drive straight out of Camp Humphreys main gate just before Korea Mart. The shop is also only open by appointment. You can't just stop in and check it out.

When I arrived it was a little awkward at first. Saem is very reserved in English. It's difficult for him and he struggles through details with diligent efforts. It's very hard for him and I know how that feels. That is me on so many days in Korean. So after torturing him with questions in English for a little bit, I decided to switch to Korean so I could learn more and help him feel more comfortable. That's when he really came out of his shell and just started talking and talking and talking about his feelings concerning dogs, vets, grooming, customer service, etc.

Which brings me to something I want to talk about, language barriers. On FB and in person it can be VERY hard for Korean's to communicate their feelings, experience, and services. Sometimes it's hard to know if you are being taken advantage of, or if it's just an in ability to clearly understand each other's intentions. Which is why I try to speak to local business owners both in English and in Korean. It gives me a better idea of who they are, what their motivations are, where their passion comes from.  Even if I can't understand 100% of what they may tell me in Korean, I can learn a great deal from their manner and use of the language which tells me a lot about who they are as people. 

That said, here are my cliff notes from my visit with Saem:
  • He is passionate about what he does and deeply cares about the animals. 
  • He even pays attention to their skin and their coat and will let you know if there are allergies or health issues. 
  • He works with clients from Camp Humphreys and Osan because he feels a connection with Americans and their priorities for their pets. 
  • Dogs that stay with him (for the pet hotel services) stay in his home and he doesn't keep them kenneled the entire time, he lets them play and roam. 
  • He doesn't want to rush through a cut, he wants to do it right. This isn't his job, it's his passion.
  • His specialty is Cocker spaniel cuts. 
  • Big dogs are no problem for him and what he does the most.
  • He wants to be affordable and fair, but also needs to charge a reasonable price since he has 25 years of experience (Which I agree with. This isn't a chop shop. This guy knows what he is doing.)  
  • A basic cut for a large dog is going to run 60,000W. As you know, more demanding and complicated requests will need to be negotiated, but Saem is reasonable and he isn't' just thinking about the dollar signs. He is trying to find a balance between quality and affordability.
  • For this pet hotel services, it's 20,000 per day for small and medium dogs and 40,000 per day for big dogs.  This isn't just a "leave them in a cage until I get back" situation. Although I haven't been to his house, his no-sense attitude and passion for animals makes be believe he is going to do a good job.
Here are some questions that you need to ask so that there aren't any misunderstandings with ALL dog groomers:
  • Will my dog be sedated? It's a common practice to sedate dogs who get upset during grooming in order to decrease their stress, protect the groomer. This is not unique to Korea. It's done in the states as well. However, in Korea they may not ask you first and so it might be a shock to you to learn about it after the fact since we are used to having these things cleared with us ahead of time.  If you DO NOT want you dog sedated you need to be clear about this up front.  You must be clear about your expectations on this.
  • If there is a change in the price, will you contact me? Sometimes what groomers begin working on the dog they discover that there are more issues than they expected. You need to make sure the groomer understands not to do anything extra without checking with you. This is a complicated part of doing business outside your own language in a new culture. 
  • What does the service include? Will the toenails be clipped? Ears cleaned? etc. Be sure to understand what services are being provided. Every groomer is different and you might expect something will be done, but it's not. You also might expect something else to be left alone, but the groomer includes it in their service. 
Is Saem all cuddles and rainbows when you meet him? No. He is intense and serious, but when he starts talk about dogs you see his sincerity and it feels deeply honest. If my dogs had long hair I would bring them here at least once to try it. Honestly, this guy is super passionate about animals and taking care of them. There is also a cultural and language barrier you will need to work through. Be patient and make sure all your needs and expectations are communicated.

If you don't feel comfortable there are always other options to try.

For a Reservation text or call 010-4000-9614

Thursday, November 10, 2016

J. Dog Cafe

Over the summer we were going everywhere trying to find the perfect places to play with our doggies who spend far too much time inside. Although we found many wonderful options for summer, with winter on the way I knew we needed to find ones that might offer a big more warmth.

Which is how I found the fabulous J. Dog Cafe located near my favorite new area of Pyeongtaek. This cafe has everything you need to enjoy the long winter months with your fuzzy family members. The large spacious facility offers ample outside and inside space for puppies to play. Large and small dogs are welcome and all for the cost of one drink per human who accompanies the dogs. No fee per dog. The drinks are a little pricey - ranging from 7,000 and up - but considering it costs at least 20,000w for two humans and two dogs at the larger parks and THEN we have to spend another 10,000w on coffee, this is a great deal for us.

Also, what makes J. Dog different from other cafes is the fact that they have a huge yard for the doggies to play in so it's like a park and a cafe in one space. Also, the owners both spoke English and were very kind. We felt quite welcome.

The cafe isn't only for visiting, they also have boarding options as well if you are in need of a place to leave your beloved babies over the weekend or while you are traveling. We might try leaving our doggies there in the future.

Looking forward to running into all the local expat dog owners at J. Dog this winter. We can all hangout together while hugging our puppies and mochas.

*** This listing and all other restaurants reviewed by South of Seoul can be found in the South of Seoul app which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. ***

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Thanksgiving Celebrations Outside Seoul!


If you are a community, business, church, or person with a Thanksgiving event you need shared, please FB us with the location, date, and price (or a link to the FB event) and we will add it to the list. 

For all the rest of you fabulous folks, Happy US Thanksgiving. Enjoy your turkey hangovers.

Thanksgiving Buffet
Where:  Craftworks Pangyo
When:  November 24th
Time:  6pm -10:30pm
Price:  45,000w

Thanksgiving Potluck
Where:  BAOBAB
ADDRESS:  경기도 용인시 기흥구 죽전로15번길 3-12
When:  November 20th
Time:  2:30pm
Price:  Bring a dish of your choice.
No FB Event. Just show up :)

Thanks Giving Dinner 11/26th (NEW)
Where:  Dublin's Irish Pub
When: November 26th
Time: Seatings at 3pm and 7pm
Price: 30,000w

DCC November Symposium and Thanksgiving Dinner
Where:  Wosong University
When:  November 26th
Time:  6:30pm (for the dinner)
Price:  30,000w

Thanksgiving Potluck
Where:  Moes
When:  November 20th
Time:  3pm-6pm

Thanksgiving Dinner
Where:  Songtan Baptist Church
When:  November 20th
Time:  5pm - 7:30pm
Price:  Bring a side dish or a dessert to share

Thanksgiving Lunch (NEW)
Where: Mission Baptist Church
When: November 20th
Time: Service starts at 10:30 and lunch will be served about 11:45
Price: Please bring a side dish or a dessert to share.

5 Course Thanksgiving Dinner (for charity) (NEW)
Where: MANNA the kitchen
When: November 24th
Time: TBA
Price: By donation. ALL money collected will be donated to KUMFA

Thanksgiving Dinner (NEW NEW)
Where: Braai Republic
When: November 24th
Time: Seatings from 16:30-18:30 and 19:00-21:00
Price: 32,000 adults 15,000 kids under 15
Call 031-657.7580 or email: for a reservation

Thanksgiving at Harry's
Where: Harry's Beer House
When: November 26th
Time: 3pm
Price: 20,000 - 40,000w depending on when you buy tickets.

Thanksgiving Buffet
Where:  The Big Chill
When:  Nobember 26th
Time:  6:30pm - 9pm
Price:  30,000w for all you can eat buffet

Friday, October 28, 2016

October 29th Fall MATO Festival In Front of Camp Humphreys

Here is what you need to be doing tomorrow, Saturday October 29th, the MATO Festival. Trust me, it's pretty darn delightful. It's good, old-fashioned classic fun. Think small town festival with the simple delights of childhood. It's heart warming.

Even though I had seen the posters and such, I didn't actually go one until this summer. Now I'm sad I missed all the others. Also, I didn't even go on purpose. I was coming back from Costco and stopped off to grab a bite to eat only to discover a big old party happening on the shopping street outside of the Camp Humphreys walking gate. To be honest, I had even avoided the festival up until this point because the fliers and signs looked boring and I need real motivation to do something like leave my house on a Saturday.

Well, I was wrong and I admit it. This is a lovely and fun event because it's so darn community focused and makes you feel more connected. So I am encouraging you to get out there and be a part of this wonderful community party. Dress the kids up. Eat too much candy. Do the crafts. Hangout with your friends and drink in the streets (at least that's what I do at festivals).

There will be live music, dancers, booths, crafts, cotton candy and more. The perfect thing to do with a family on Saturday. This won't be too big or stressful and English is everywhere, this is the perfect event that lets you mingle with your neighbors and entertain yourself and the kids.

ALSO, tomorrow just happens to be the fall MATO Festival and they have coordinated it to coincide with Halloween. They will be having a costume contest for the kids and adults. Here is the information for those looking for an awesome Halloween event for the kids. There will also be trick-or-treating at local businesses but I don't have the information on that.

Get you there and celebrate fall before winter hits and you don't want to go outside for three months.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

PIEF is Having KIMJANG!!!! Do ITTTTT!!!!!

Thursday, November 3rd 11am-2pm

It's that time of year again, time to make kimchi! and you need to sign-up for PIEFs upcoming event. Really... not joking... do it.

Kimjang / 김장(making kimchi as a community) is one of the most important experiences you can participate in while living in Korea. It's not about the food so don't skip it even if you don't like kimchi. This is about the community and working together to make something people will cherish throughout the year. It's a fulfilling and enriching experience that you can't quite put into words and I consider it the best thing you can do while living here.

So, why do I love it so much? Although I had made kimchi at home before, I can't say I understand it's value until I gathered with a large group of people to make it together. The first time I experienced it was when I went home with my bosses family for the weekend to help her aging parents make it for their family. Who knows what I expected, but it wasn't what I found. First of all, it's hard work to make kimchi for the year. It took two days and fifteen people to do everything the old fashioned way. During that time stories were told, dinners were had, and bonding was done. It was beautiful. It was real.

Up until that point I had sort of dismissed the larger kimchi events hosted by government programs as just another publicity stunt, but after my own experience I realized these mass kimchi making events aren't just about show, they are also about heart. It's an expression of love and companionship. To invite someone to make kimchi and to accept the offer is a beautiful point of bonding and agreement. It brings you together.

If you are going to do one thing while you are here, do yourself a favor and go to a kimchi making event. Embrace it even if you don't like kimchi. Slow down. Let go of what you believe you know about this country you live in and be in the moment. For one day, don't be jaded. A whole world of experiences can be found stuffing cabbage leaves with special sauce.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fresh Salmon Restaurant 생 연어예찬

Stole this from their Facebook because I forgot my phone ㅠㅠ
This fresh salmon restaurant in Songtan has been of interest for me for a while, however I always seem to be in the neighborhood either too early, too late or too alone. This last week though, I decided to not let "too alone" get in the way and I swung in to see if they might have something for a hungry single person.

Turns out they do and it's delicious and cheap. For 6,800 (or something near that) they have what is basically a salmon "poki bowl" and it's pretty darn big. It also comes with a fishcake soup which makes the meal on of the best deals in town and I will be eating it a lot.

However, if you aren't eating alone this also may be the best place in Songtan for feasting on affordably priced fresh salmon. I plan to go back very soon with a friend and try out some of their larger sushi places that were VERY well priced, and based on the quality of fish in my poki bowl, should be excellent.

The restaurant does NOT have an English menu and the owner doesn't speak English as far as I know. He has assumed that foreigners don't like sashimi so he hasn't put any effort into marketing to us (I asked him and this was what he told me). He wasn't trying to be rude he just doesn't realize a lot of us LOVE raw fish.  I say, let's show him how wrong he is. I think this could be a foreigner favorite since they also sell plenty of affordable saki.

Anyway, if you love salmon and are looking for a crazy good deal on it - go here now. Understand that the menu will NOT be in English but you can easily use your translator to figure it out. It's not a complicated menu. They are also open AFTER 5.00pm so don't show up for lunch.

This is going on my list of regular places to eat since it's both affordable and healthy.

*** This listing and all other restaurants reviewed by South of Seoul can be found in the South of Seoul app which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. ***

CLICK HERE to find their ADDRESS and a MAP on MOLLAKOREA! 

You can download the South of Seoul App from:

Monday, October 24, 2016

Discount Manga Book Store 만화 할인 매장

This is a post for the super nerds who love comics and Korean language.

If you are a  lover over the manga / manhwa style you are going to love this discount bookstore located a short walk from AK Plaza. There are sooooooooo many books as well as quite a few puzzles (random) and manga inspired toys and trinkets. Keep in mind, these books will be in Korean but it's another great way to practice the language if you are learning.

For whatever reason, this store name can't be found on Naver by address or by phone number. You can basically only find it by walking by so I thought I would give you all the heads up.

Phone Number: 031-611-5214
Address: 경기도 평택시 합정동 672-4

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jessica Hair / 제시카헤어

Many people are asking about where to get their haircut in Pyeongtaek. Both myself and my co-inhabiting trouble maker go to a place in Seojeong-dong called Jessica Hair. We've tried many different places around Pyeongtaek, but at the end of the day we come back here. Even reviewers on Naver overwhelmingly support this place.

Do they speak English? I don't think so, but their menu is in English so that's not a problem. My other-half can't communicate in Korean either, but he still goes here to get his hair cut and he has curly crazy hair that most places really mess up. The ladies and Jessica always have him looking sharp. He brings a picture and they check in with him along the way. He feels comfortable.

These types of price sheets are usually different but close to the real price. lol
I love them because they do what I ask, and I ask them to do some pretty weird stuff (from a Korean standpoint) and make it look as good as I'd hoped it would. At first they were like, "You want us to shave what?" but now they are used to it and keep me looking almost normal.

The prices are super great. My hair cut runs 20,000 with a wash and dry. 

We never make appointments for cuts, we just walk in. 
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