Monday, December 28, 2015

Maison de Creme

This place is so precisely sensual I would eat here just for that fact. 
The fact the food is also excellent just adds to it's dreaminess.

Sometimes, when I'm ordering, I ask myself, "Why am I spending all this money on this food. That's just a little cookie. That's just some meat on some rice." 

But then I eat said cookie and I eat said meat on rice, at which point I think, "Please, just take all of my money. Why didn't I give them more money?"

Maybe it's just me, but it tastes perfect. As perfect as the table setting and placement of each item in this cuter than cute cafe. Everything is just so spot on. The owners of Maison de Creme are obsessed with perfection and you see it and taste it.

In all honestly, I'm obsessed with their obsession.
It has nothing to do with it even being the best in Pyeongtaek,
I'd dig this place any where, any time, any place.

Address: 경기도 평택시 비전2동 871-6 1층

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Cafe CF

Have you always wanted to find a desert cafe where everything looks as good as (or better than) the pictures? Well, we found it.  Cafe CF in Songtan (main street in front of base, across from the bank) has amazing, giant desserts that are a feast for your eyes and your belly.  Don't come here if you aren't ready to gorge yourself on sugar.

To make it easier to order, they even have photo menus where you can see what each desert looks like. Usually these types of things leave me feeling horribly disappointed, but not here.  The have flavored sodas, shakes, bingsu, juice, coffee, etc.  Something for everyone.  After we pig out for dinner or lunch in Songtan, this is almost always were we end up after.

FYI the fruit desserts, like the one pictured above, are usually seasonal.  During winter they will not be available. Don't panic, there are many other options.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

El Gitano

With great delight, I welcome El Gitano to the neighborhood. For five years I've dreamed about having something like this in my life again, so by next Wednesday I will have eaten there four times in their first week. Yes, I'm that excited. Since I'm not in the military, I haven't been to the US in three years, and go to Seoul only twice a year - having this open near me is a life changer.

Based on the Chipotle concept, El Gitano/s ingredients selections include: two kinds of beans, two kinds of rice, fresh cilantro, a variety of specially prepared meats, fresh guacamole (which is an extra charge), fresh salsas, pico, homemade sour cream, queso, corn salsa, Craftworks on tap, an assortment of imported beers, etc.

For those from base, you may be shocked by the cost of the guacamole, please don't complain too much.  I'm begging you. Based on the price of both the limes and avocados (which have only recently become available on a regular basis at any kind of "reasonable" price) the additional cost is to be expected. Even at 3,000 won for the add on it's likely their profit margin is minimal. So, when customers complain about the price of guacamole restaurants usually just take it off the menu and stop offering it because they can't afford to drop the price. 

As someone who desperately wants guacamole on her burritos, again, I'm begging you not to complain too much. Not all of us (Koreans, teachers, foreign spouses, etc.) have access to the privileges of the commissary and we really need this. Even at 3,000 won it feels like the guac gods have finally taken pity on us and we are thankful.

Name: El Gitano
Located: Anjeongri, walking distance from main gate
Near Black Box/ UHair building down the street from Bang,
If you walk East from the car gate in front of Humphreys, a few blocks down there is a Chinese restaurant on your left. Turn left there. El Gitano will be on your right at the next intersection.