Wednesday, August 31, 2016

5 Places To Hide On A Rainy Day.


Located not far from the fortress in Suwon, this labryth of art and art spaces with an attached cafe could fill an entire day. Hideout in cozy rooms while creating and viewing art and crafts. It's a place that's always changing and always an adventure. CLICK HERE FOR LISTING


Maybe the coziest place in downtown Pyeongtaek, this large cafe is filled with intimate nooks and cubbies where you can easily waste an entire day writing, chatting with friends, taking a bit of a nap, and drinking warm beverages until winter is over. CLICK HERE FOR MollaKorea LISTING.


This cute space is a mix of open space and "birds nests". The birds nests are a delightful place to huddle and drink hot cocoa under a blanket (which they provide) while the rain pounds down outside. CLICK HERE FOR MollaKorea LISTING.

Anjung (and Pyeongtaek)

With big glass windows and chairs covered in faux fur and lots of blankets available, this is a great cafe to watch the rain come down while all snuggled up with a hot cup of grapefruit tea. A perfect place for lovers of storms and thinking spots. CLICK HERE FOR MollaKorea LISTING.


This tiny little cafe wraps around you like a hug, so when you add a mocha and big slice of apple bread you're going to want to just sit for ages and let the rain wash away all your worries. Bring a book or a notebook and lose yourself in the afternoon. CLICK HERE  FOR MollaKorea LISTING.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Zip (delicious meat near AK Plaza)

For years now, I've been looking for a samgyeupsal restaurant near AK Plaza that made me want to come back. I'm not saying I haven't eaten meat downtown town and thought it was fine, but none made me dream of a return trip. (Yup, I'm a meat snob now. I never even saw it coming.) Not until now.

Which is why taking a vacation is so important. With more time to meet up with friends and just chill out, I found the motivation to give the city center one more try. While prepping for dinner with Jennifer and Sue of Pyeongtaek Korean tutors I did a bit of research on Naver and found this new gem.

Zip (as I'm going to call it since that's what is in English) is located next to the cute little park with the water feature a few blocks from the AK Plaza. The place is newish, bright and clean with tables and chairs so no sitting on the floor was required. Their grills are big and spacious with plenty of room for all the different items included in their affordable set menus. Since I like my kimchi and my garlic well grilled this system works for me.

The meal itself boasts a variety of balanced flavors, fresh ingredients, and quality meat cuts. The samgyeupsal is thick cut and gorgeous. There is only one other place in Pyeongtaek that I have round comparable meat quality (for a reasonable price) and it's not well vented so most folks wouldn't feel comfortable eating there.

One thing I can't remember.. if anything was in English. Don't worry though, any set you order will be delicious so just order for a price range and dig in.

As an added bonus, it's a great place for an evening date. You can finish up dinner and then go watch the water and lights dance out front before a stroll along the river walk a few blocks away.

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For the address and a map CLICK HERE for the Listing.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ruddy Cafe Specialty Coffee

After a month of rest it's time to get caught up on all the places I have been and the things that I've done. One of the super finds I made during my holiday was this new cafe that opened in the countryside near my work. Considering I work in the middle of rice fields, the fact this place popped up is shocking. However, after stopping by and chatting with the owners it all made sense.

This is the expansion of a popular coffee shop that has been open for four years near Pyeongtaek University, Ruddy Cafe. They needed more space for roasting beans and growing their business so they put in this gorgeous space in the countryside. A total dream come true. For ages I've complained about not having a place near work (and Camp Humphreys) for getting away from it all and consuming too much caffeine, but those days are no more. My retreat has arrived.

For those that love to ride bikes and / or have a car. This is an easy place to visit, but if you are counting on public transportation it might be a bit problematic. I know there are buses nearby but I also know the schedules aren't that great. So that's the downside for some folks. Personally, this is an easy place to visit on my bike commute so I'm a happy camper.

If you have kids who like to run around, this is a good place for you. They have a huge yard outside and I saw plenty of tots running amuck when I was there. It's the countryside so folks are very chill.

Although I speak Korean, I did remember to check this time and they do have English menus and said they are happy to have English speaking guests. I have no idea if they speak English so I failed in that aspect. I'm sorry. I just forget. Makes me kind of an asshole but I don't do it on purpose I promise. It's just hard for me to remember.

For their address information and a map check out their MollaKorea Listing <HERE>.

*** This listing and all other restaurants reviewed by South of Seoul can be found in the South of Seoul app which can be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple App Store. ***

MANNA the Kitchen


한국어로 쓴 블로그도 있어요:

Yesterday I FINALLY was able to stop by MANNA The Kitchen which is, in essence, an upgraded Stoop. Whey did The Stoop need an upgrade when it was already as good as it gets? The answer is simple: space. The kitchen and dining area simply weren't big enough to accommodate the growing customer base. So MANNA was born.

Even though the space is new, they haven't thrown-the-baby-out-with-the-bath-water. They have kept their signature items on the menu while also adding equally delicious new items. For example, I had their new Rigatoni pasta which was piled with both my favorite house made meatballs as well as their new house made sausage.  I could barely finish it. So good. It's going on my favorites list.

For the their sandwich and brunch lovers, you will be happy to know these items are still blissfully featured with the same competitive prices. I personally think there isn't a better deal in town when looking at price point and quality for either lunch or brunch. For example, most of their sandwiches are under 10,000won.

The space itself is simply beautiful and feels luxurious. MANNA is The Stoop all grown up. The open kitchen plan and cozy carpet make you feel like you just got a promotion. You might think, "This is going to be sooooo expensive!" when you first walk in, but don't panic. Even though the ambiance is money the menu won't break your bank.

So fancy and yet nobody kicked me out when I showed up for dinner "fresh" from my bike commute in the hot sun. You will feel comfortable on a date or just stopping in to grab something on the way home for work. Also, if you are dining alone they have a big long bar where you can make yourself comfortable. Even if they tables are full there is a space for the singles to mingle.

The only problem I see with MANNA is how I'm going to choose between the MANNA menu and The Stoops new pizza. I LOVE the pizza and there are only 7 days in the week. How am I going to fit all this delicious food into my schedule?

For Additional Information like a map
CLICK HERE to visit MANNA on

Of course, if we are talking upgrading, Beyonce should always have the last word... 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Stoop Pizzeria has Arrived

For years I've dreamed of American style pizza. The kind of pizza where I get to make it just like I want it. Vegan pizza? no problem. Pizza with all the meat and no cheese? Yah, they got that. White pizza? Of course, come on over. Nothing but cheese? Well, of course. I mean really, did you think the brilliant minds behind the first incarnation of the stoop were going to let you down?  

But it's not the just the toppings that stand out, the crust has gotten better every week as they perfect their technique, find the right flour mixture, and learn their ovens. Just when I think, "All right you guys, you've nailed it" I go back and it's just a little bit better.

It's so good to have pizza back in my life. I love it so much it's a once a week ritual for me now. Half dripping with cheese for the hubby, and half dripping in sauce for me. 

If you haven't had it yet, grab your wallet and get your butt over there. Give them all your money and eat all the pizza. It will be time and money well spent. 

MollaKorea Listing: CLICK HERE