Friday, January 26, 2018

5 Kids Cafes in Cheonan City

By Sarah Powell, South of Seoul Volunteer
Edited by Jessica Lister, South of Seoul Volunteer

Well, the weather outside is still frightful, so our listing of kids cafes continues, now with a focus on Cheonan (you can read the first article in this series HERE, regarding Pyeongtaek’s kid cafes).

Cheonan is a city with a lot to offer - from shopping, to eating, to sightseeing; kids cafes are in no short supply there, either. Its proximity to Pyeongtaek means that most of these destinations will be no more than 20 ~ 40 minutes away by car for many of our readers, and its various bus and train stations means it’s also accessible to those who do without a vehicle of their own (though, let’s face it, if you have to go anywhere with kids, the car is easiest).

This is not mean to be a “best of” list, or even a definitive list; more locations are available for perusal in the SOS app under Directories >> Cheonan >> Focus: Families.

Monello Premium Kids Cafe
Waze: Monello Premium Kids Cafe
Hours: 10:00am ~ 8:00pm

Located in the March Avenue Mall, this is a sophisticated and sleek take on the average "kids cafe"! But don't let it's atmosphere fool you; it's still has all the staples of a good kids cafe: trampolines, kitchen sets, ball pit, climbing area ... the works. Its toy stations are supplied with “posh” versions of kids cafe staples: fancy kitchenettes, trendy scooters, a charming market area, cute little tents and camping sites. There’s a cute “go fish” game where kids use magnets to pick up little fish through a transparent floor. The cafe serves a variety of drinks and snacks, but no full meals; however, lots of family friendly dining options are close by within the March Avenue Mall itself. Parking is available both in a large underground garage, or street-side (and there’s plenty of space there, too).

Happy Nuri Kids Cafe
Waze: Happy Nuri Kids Cafe
Hours: 10:00am ~ 8:00pm

A cute little kids cafe right across the street from Costco and right beside a Daiso (convenient shopping!). The cafe is on the smaller side, but it has a room with a cute knitted swing-tree that children can climb up into as well has hang from. It has two trampolines - one for big kids, and one for littler ones. There’s a ball pit, wooden block pit, and toy stations in a loft. They also have those rolling horses that move when the rider bounces on them, which were a hit with the children. The employees were very friendly and spoke basic English. Overall, it's a charming little place and is well priced. Serves snacks and drinks, but no full meals. Parking is available in a good-sized garage behind the building (the entrance is just past the Daiso); it wasn’t terrible busy on the weekday I visited, so larger cars shouldn’t have problems here.

Tiki Toc Land
Waze: tiki toc land
Hours: 10:00am ~ 8:00pm

Tiki Toc Land is a massive indoor playground aimed at babies, toddlers and young children. They have a lot of open floor space, various playgrounds, trampolines, several different kinds of play stations, a train ride, a music room, a sand pit room, and a 4D theatre for the kids. There are remote-controlled robots and arcade games available for play (so bring some loose won!). They have equipment like bouncers for the small babies and plenty of high chairs. The cafe serves full meals in addition to drinks and snacks. The admission fee covers three hours of play on the weekdays and two hours of play on the weekends/holidays. Admission for babies under 12 months is free. Parking is available in the garage of the building.

Waze: JumpingGO 점핑고
Hours: 10:00am ~ 8:00pm Sunday - Thursday, 10:00am ~ 9:00pm Fridays & Saturdays

One of several trampoline cafes in Cheonan marketing specifically to older kids, JumpingGO is a great option for preschool and elementary school aged children. JumpingGo has very large trampolines, playgrounds, ball pits with bulldozers the kids can sit in and man, bumper cars, a large cafe, and slides. They welcome birthday party reservations for their party room. They offer group discount rates for groups over 15 persons, but only for official institutions (schools, daycares, etc). The cafeteria portion is spacious and offers various snacks, drinks, and full meals. They also offer an attractive lounge area for parents. Parking is located in the garage beneath the building.

Waze: ZooZooPia 쥬쥬피아
Hours: 10:30am ~ 6:30pm (doors close at 5:30pm)

ZooZooPia is both an animal cafe and a kids cafe all in one, and it is great for both young and slightly older children (toddler to ~8 years). The entire facility is completely indoors and has several different areas, the primary being a zoo with mammals, reptiles, fish, and birds - some of which can be petted, and many of which can be fed (food purchased at front counter for 1000 won). There are lots of silly picture opportunities in a mural wing, and other areas have light displays, animal statues, and other colorful things for kids to look at. There's a cafe that sells snacks, drinks, and desserts (no full meals), a large play area with trampolines, an obstacle course, a block pit with toys, and ball pits. They have a train ride, bumper cars, and gundams to ride (with an additional fee), as well as arcade games and the like scattered throughout. Parking is available in the building's garage. It might be a tight fit for large cars, but there’s also plenty of space for roadside parking as well.

Now it's time to go try them all and leave your reviews in the South of Seoul app. Just go to the app, open the listing, and click the star in the banner. You can tell us all what you thought. Remember to include useful tips like where you parked, if they had chairs for kids, or other details you found important. Reviews help us build a beautiful life together. One Star reviews submitted with no comments may be rejected. Please explain 1 Star reviews without being crude or profane. Simply explain the situation. For example: "the food was not fully cooked, the waitress never brought my friends food, and the taste wasn't what I prefer." Korea has strong anti-defamation laws so keep explanations clear and fact based.

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