Thursday, December 29, 2016

Bros Kitchen and Gastro Pub in Songtan

When I first saw Bro's Kitchen, I'm not going to lie, I wasn't excited. I've had so many terrible burgers and sandwiches in my life (all over the world) that I'm rarely excited about trying a new place. I'm more interested in noodles and rice. In fact, I'd say that I arrived at Bro's ready to dislike it. It actually took TWO visits in order to work up the guts to try something. THAT'S how much I don't enjoy burgers. I was 100% sure it was going to be smothered in really weird sauce, on terrible quality bread, with low grade composite meat and I would be sick for a day.

Once again, a restaurant has humbled me and set me straight. The Earthquake burger is a delight and the fries that come with the set are cooked just the way I like it. It's wonderful that, these days, new restaurants in the area are proving me wrong more than right. New owners are upping the game and changing my views of what's possible. Thank you Bro's for teaching me a lesson to not judge a new restaurant by past experiences.

So what makes this burger stand out? Let's start with the bun. It's awesome. I've been super unhappy with the brioche bun concept that has been very popular in Korea. It soaks up all the sauce and just gets gross.  Bro's bun is the opposite of that. It's hearty (more like a European bun), well formed, and holds up the ENTIRE meal. The burger to bun ratio is also right. As my dining companion said, "It actually tastes like burger, as in the meat." They haven't tried to make you feel like you are getting "more" but hiding a small patty in a huge bun. So visually it seems smaller than other burgers, but it's not. There is just less filler.

Next, the sauce isn't too sweat and it's not drowned in it. Usually this is my biggest complaint. I get a burger and it's swimming in a weird sauce that drips everywhere, destroys the bun, gets gross messy, and makes the entire meal the worst.  I have a lot of feelings about sauce.

Sadly, what I can eat at Bro's is limited since it's a cheese heavy menu. Most of the dishes would be pointless if I had them hold the cheese so I'll have to let others review those. For now I'll just stick with eating my weight in Earthquake burgers.

WAZE ID: Bros Kitchen and Gastro Pub

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