Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Earth Day 2017: Wrap Up

Before we begin, we want to make sure to thank the City of Pyeongtaek for donating the trash bags, PIEF for their consummate support, to PUB 210 for donating a prize and of course Sig Flips the Table who brought this idea to life and brought us all on board with her vision. We look forward to catching the video of the event from On Your Mark World in the near future.

When Sig Flips the Table decided to head-up the First (hopefully annual) Earth Day Pyeongtaek we were really excited to support her efforts. We are big lovers of the earth and all it's air and other cool stuff the keeps us alive. Plus, we love getting together with people and working. Nope, neither of these things are a joke. We love Earth and work.

Since we are sort of in charge of documenting and sharing what's happening around town, our Earth Day was a bit longer and more busy than most of the groups. We started in Paengseong and then moved over to Songtan. We were super excited to see a variety of different groups out picking up trash and bringing the communities together.  It was pretty inspiring to be honest. Here are few of the Earth loving folks who pitched in.

Here you can see a before and after of the magic that we worked. It took four trash bags to clean up this particular lot.

However, in Songtan (nearish Osan AF Base) we found a different story.  Despite the fact the SOS group seemed to be the only ones active in the area on Earth Day, the place was super clean. The residents do an amazing job. The business area needed some work, but the parks and residential areas were nearly spotless. Even the empty lots weren't that neglected. We felt very proud of adopted neighborhood. It's defiantly loved by it's residents. In an hour we only managed to fillup two bags between three people.

It was fabulous to get to meet people we've only seen online, give back to the community that's given us so much support for the last seven years, and support the wonderful tradition that Earth Day as become over the years. Hopefully next year even more people will get out and celebrate together here in Pyeongtaek.

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