Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Let's Feed Those Puppies!!!

SOS Asan Shelter Volunteers present a new way to make a difference.
Want a puppy but don't have time or work too much? Then the Adopt-a-Bag program is perfect for you 😁You can put all that love that's bursting to get out to good use 😜
♥️Small Kibble Only Please♥️

🐶What is the Adopt-a-Bag? 
Since shelters in Korea are privately managed and funded, there is always great need. When dogs go hungry they develop food aggressions which can make them VERY hard to adopt. We are starting a new program for our local Korean animal shelter where area residents can "Adopt-a-Bag" of dog food each month which will be delivered to the Asan Shelter in their honor.

🐶Our goal
Provide a stable supply of 150 bags of food a month (that's 5 bags a day) to keep 300 dogs from going hungry.

🐶Why create a program like this?
Right now dogs are going hungry because the shelter doesn't know where the next meal is coming from.
That means volunteers can't focus on adoptions, they have to only hustle to find food. By creating a system where they can count on how much food will arrive each week we can free up volunteer time to work on placing animals in loving homes.

🐶How long is the commitment?
We are asking people to commit to 3-12 months. We still welcome random food deliveries but the goal of the Adopt-a-Bag program is to create stability over time.

🐶How much does it cost?
One bag of food purchased through local channels is 22,000 won. You can choose to adopt 1-10 bags.

🐶How can I donate?
We currently have three ways to get involved. The specifics for each of these options can be found in the Signup form.
1. Deliver bags of food to a drop location and volunteers will deliver the bags to the shelter
2. Donate to a PayPal account run by a volunteer
3. Transfer money to a Korean bank account designated only for food.
Click the link to make and Adopt-a-Bag commitment. You can also share this form and information with friends who want to make a difference in the lives of animals.
If you choose to drop of your donation, please remember to always buy small kibble so that dogs of all sizes can eat comfortably