Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Welcome New Pyeongtaek Teachers!

As we roll into March it's time to begin a new school year and welcome lots of new teachers to the area. Pyeongtaek is big and spread out with lots of rural placements so teachers can often feel unconnected and lonely. Don't worry, you don't have to be. There is quite a bit going on and plenty of people to meet. We are also always trying to gather information and make life easier for you. The first step to getting connected it joining us at one of the (usually) monthly socials.

Apps You Need

  • South of Seoul (All About Life in Pyeongtaek)
  • Naver Maps
  • Daum Maps
  • Kakao Taxi (Call taxi app)
  • Subway Korea (Subway schedules)
  • KORAILTALK (Book train tickets)
  • Papago (Naver Translation app)

Important FB Groups

Blogs you might find helpful:

Looking forward to seeing you all around.

Now it's time to go try them all and leave your reviews in the South of Seoul app. Just go to the app, open the listing, and click the star in the banner. You can tell us all what you thought. Remember to include useful tips like where you parked, if they had chairs for kids, or other details you found important. Reviews help us build a beautiful life together. One Star reviews submitted with no comments may be rejected. Please explain 1 Star reviews without being crude or profane. Simply explain the situation. For example: "the food was not fully cooked, the waitress never brought my friends food, and the taste wasn't what I prefer." Korea has strong anti-defamation laws so keep explanations clear and fact based.

For address and WAZE directions to anything on this blog download the South of Seoul App from either Google Play or Apple App Store. 

Why we do this:
We made the app to accompany the blog because it's easier to keep update with current information. In the past we've tried keeping the information on the blog but it's too hard for us to maintain the information in two places at once over time. Since we compile and write blogs around a full time jobs without compensation, we need to do it the most efficient way possible with as few steps as possible.