Monday, December 28, 2015

Maison de Creme

This place is so precisely sensual I would eat here just for that fact. 
The fact the food is also excellent just adds to it's dreaminess.

Sometimes, when I'm ordering, I ask myself, "Why am I spending all this money on this food. That's just a little cookie. That's just some meat on some rice." 

But then I eat said cookie and I eat said meat on rice, at which point I think, "Please, just take all of my money. Why didn't I give them more money?"

Maybe it's just me, but it tastes perfect. As perfect as the table setting and placement of each item in this cuter than cute cafe. Everything is just so spot on. The owners of Maison de Creme are obsessed with perfection and you see it and taste it.

In all honestly, I'm obsessed with their obsession.
It has nothing to do with it even being the best in Pyeongtaek,
I'd dig this place any where, any time, any place.

Address: 경기도 평택시 비전2동 871-6 1층