Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Chiropractic Care in Cheonan

Dr. Richard Lee
천안시 서북구 성정동 624-7

When I was young, due to the extreme lifestyle that I've mentioned, chiropractic care was a big part of my life. However, as an adult I've mostly fallen back on massage and yoga to manage pain and rehab my body after injuries and accidents. However, now that I am... well... *clears throat and cringes* middle aged... *shakes head and cringes some more* ... I'm facing the fact I might need extra help getting the old body fully functional again.  So, upon the new massage therapist's referral, I headed down to Cheonan to meet Dr. Richard Lee. 

Dr. Lee's office is located an easy cab drive from Dujeong Station across from a huge Lotte Mart downtown one the third floor in a small but well equipped office.  This space is his private practice where he sees his own patients on Mondays and Thursdays until 8pm.  He also treats patients in Seoul but you will be paying triple the price so I didn't even ask about all that.

Having studied in Atlanta, Georgia - Dr. Lee speaks excellent English and does a very thorough examination. I felt like he listened well to my pain and the diagnosis was consistent with what I have had in the past so I felt confident in his analysis.  While I was there I also witnessed a constant coming and going of English teachers who had obviously been using Dr. Kim on a regular basis and all of them were very excited about their results. It was encouraging to see so many happy patients following through on their treatments and feeling confident with the experience.

The cost per session is 50,000 won. You can buy a 10 session card and get two free sessions wish drops the price to just over 41,000 per visit. An small price to pay for pain relief. He recommends that you come with a full spine x-ray which you can get at a local hospital for about 15,000 plus 1,000 to have it put on a CD to take with you. (If you are asked to pay over 30,000 go to a different hospital.)

As an added convenience, Dr. Lee's office is also located next to both a Subway and a Starbucks and across the street from extensive shopping. So you can just make a day of it if you want too.  

The trip from Pyeongtaek Station to Cheonan is only about 20 minutes so this is vastly more convenient and less stressful than going to Seoul where the same service is 150,000 won per visit.

Since my first visit already improved my quality of life, I'm looking forward to my next two.