Thursday, November 10, 2016

J. Dog Cafe

Over the summer we were going everywhere trying to find the perfect places to play with our doggies who spend far too much time inside. Although we found many wonderful options for summer, with winter on the way I knew we needed to find ones that might offer a big more warmth.

Which is how I found the fabulous J. Dog Cafe located near my favorite new area of Pyeongtaek. This cafe has everything you need to enjoy the long winter months with your fuzzy family members. The large spacious facility offers ample outside and inside space for puppies to play. Large and small dogs are welcome and all for the cost of one drink per human who accompanies the dogs. No fee per dog. The drinks are a little pricey - ranging from 7,000 and up - but considering it costs at least 20,000w for two humans and two dogs at the larger parks and THEN we have to spend another 10,000w on coffee, this is a great deal for us.

Also, what makes J. Dog different from other cafes is the fact that they have a huge yard for the doggies to play in so it's like a park and a cafe in one space. Also, the owners both spoke English and were very kind. We felt quite welcome.

The cafe isn't only for visiting, they also have boarding options as well if you are in need of a place to leave your beloved babies over the weekend or while you are traveling. We might try leaving our doggies there in the future.

Looking forward to running into all the local expat dog owners at J. Dog this winter. We can all hangout together while hugging our puppies and mochas.

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