Monday, November 28, 2016

SOS App Coming Soon!

It's Since (where SOS also volunteers) and the South of Seoul community has been growing faster than we ever anticipated so we've decided to get fancy! We are launching an iPhone and Adroid app that will tell you everything you need to know about living in Pyeongtaek. The app is currently being tested by a few local volunteers and should be ready for download in a few weeks.

South of Seoul is partnering with local businesses to do an official launch - hopefully before Christmas - with a party and giveaways to get us started. Currently we have collected gifts from:

  • Loft33, 
  • Louis' Bar & Grill, 
  • Tailgate Tavern, 
  • Boiling Crab & Shrimp, 
  • Braai Republic,
  • Coffee Loves Coffee.

Here are some of the exciting features on the upcoming app:

SEARCH for Food and Fun
  • A database of places I love.
  • Search is divided into neighborhoods.
  • The ability for users to add their own favorites.
  • Easy fast reviews of listings.
  • A map of all the listings directly around you.
  • Bookmarking places to save for later.

  • Indie businesses can list themselves OR you list ones you love.
  • Services like childcare, health, tutors, etc.
  • You can support these businesses withe your reviews.
  • Ability to bookmark services you want to use.
  • Ability to send a request for services through the app.

ATTEND Local Events
  • Integrated with google calendar
  • PIEF Events
  • Pyengtaek City Events
  • Business Events

FOLLOW Foodies and Fun
  • Restaurants and foodies can share images and information.
  • You can follow your favorite foodies to see where they go.
  • Basically, we can geek out in our own private space. lol

HELP Us Grow / Eat
In order to make sure South of Seoul can stick around and keep coming up with great ways of making life outside Seoul aweseome, we are building in a variety of was the community can come together to support and encourage continued growth. Here are two ways that you can give if you find the South of Seoul blog and app 
  • Patreon: ($2-$45 a month) If you would like to support Lanae's work in particular, then you can contribute through Patreon. When you signup you will contribute monthly to the work that goes into making sure all the best places are found. Just cancel it when you leave Korea. The reason this is a monthly system is that research is never ending. In order to always be on top of current information, South of Seoul needs to keep exploring and this helps make sure we can afford to be out there every month finding the best places.
  • GoFundMe: (Current goal is $750 for the years expenses) Separate from this is the GoFundMe which will be used to fund the app itself. This will pay for the monthly fees associated with keeping it live and working smoothly for the first year. If we raise OVER the $750 then I will use that money to develop the app further. Pay some folks to add in better features, speed up load times, adjust preset to things that make us all happier. So give to GoFundMe and I'll make the app more and more badass.
Both of these funding options are linked to in the app so you can make a decision after using it for a while. This isn't a shake down, just and opportunity to all do this together if you think it's something that makes your life better :)