Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Pyeongtaek Summer Beach Bus Details & Dates

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We are really SUPER excited about offering buses, leaving on select Saturdays, headed to beaches South West of Pyeongtaek. Bus travel is wonderful because you don't have to stress about traffic, worry about driving home tired, drinking beer, etc. They are also surprisingly affordable here so it's high time we gave this a try. The beaches where we are going are far more remote than most you will visit in Korea so they offer way more peace and relaxation than places like Busan.  

Going to these beaches is not for those who are looking for an experience just like the US or something like that. Korea is it's own world and it's a beautiful delightful world that we love living in because of these unique things. It's not for folks who are scared to be alone in a foreign country. Nobody will be holding your hand. It is for those that love peaceful adventures filled with sand and BBQ.
Dates                      Seats      Beach Cost
June 10, 2017         25         Mallipo  SOLD OUT
June 17, 2017         25         Yeonpo  18,000won/$17  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
July 8, 2017            25         Mallipo  18,000won/$17  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
July 22, 2017          25         Kaloom  18,000won/$17 CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
August 5, 2017      25          Mallipo  18,000won/$17  CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS
August 26, 2017    25          TBD       18,000won/$17

******To pay in US Dollars: ******
OPTION 1: Go in person and leave cash with SAM at Attractive Coffee near Camp Humphreys. His shop is in the SOS app.

Sign up here: https://southofseoul.wufoo.eu/forms/kdkv6fb1bobbkq/

******To pay in Korean Won:******

OPTION 1: transfer directly to KB account 468601-04-118306 Name: Rivers-Woods
OPTION 2: Drop off cash with Sam at Attractive Coffee in Anjeongri. He has kindly offered to help with this. His shop is in the SOS app.

Sign up here: https://southofseoul.wufoo.eu/forms/kdkv6fb1bobbkq/

It's unfortunate that we must say this. PLEASE DO NOT SIGN-UP IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO PAY or there is a chance you won't follow through! This system works off of trust. Signing up and then not paying will cause our volunteers excessive amounts of extra work. It also means trips may be cancelled last minute and people who relied on you to follow through are left hanging. Please be polite, kind and civic minded.  Not following through does affect real people in your community negatively. 

Sign up here: https://southofseoul.wufoo.eu/forms/kdkv6fb1bobbkq/

Pyeongtaek is close to a number of delightful beaches, yet they are surprisingly hard to get to because there are no direct express buses. I want to change that. Since many people in Pyeongtaek are interested in going to the beach, but few have cars, I’m going to help by scheduling 6 buses headed to different beaches in Taen starting in June and finishing in August. I’m not a travel company. I don’t want to be a travel company. I just want folks to have options.
Nope, it’s not a tour. It’s a bus to the beach. There won’t be interpreters, no hand holding, no special stops, or pre-made meals. The bus driver picks us up, drops us off, and we explore the area. You are going to love it. Bring all the things you need to just sit back and relax. They will not drive us to lots of different places along the way. We go from Pyeongtaek to the beach and back.
Anyone can go on the bus if they pay for a ticket. It’s for families, single travelers, teachers, military, friends, etc. You can be from Songtan, Anjung, Paengseong, Suwon, Dongtan, Yongin, etc. It’s also not just for foreigners. Bring all your friends no matter where they are from. It’s about having a beautiful time together in the summer. If you have a group that wants to go together (language meetup, church group, kids whatever, etc) just be sure to buy your tickets early so everyone can go.
There will be three stops: Songtan Station, Pyeongtaek Station, and in front of Camp Humphreys walking gate. You will need to be there on-time. I am trying to make it as easy as possible for everyone involved.
No, there are not. The bus costs a base amount. I’ve based the tickets on that price. I’m not a tour company. I’m not affiliated with the military. I’m not affiliated with anyone who gives me money to help make this all happen. So prices, are prices, are prices.
The beaches on the west coast of Korea tend to be shallow with very small surf and often no surf. This makes them really fun for kids because they can play like crazy in the water. When it rains or there is a storm at sea it will affect the clarity of the water. No way around that. It’s how the ocean works. Over the last few years we have seen clear blue waters as well as silty / muddy waters. Just depends on the weather around the time you visit. The beaches are sometimes a mix of rocky and sandy. There tends to be lovely tide pools and lots of little crabs to chase around. This is not Hawaii. It’s not South Florida. It’s not Mexico. It’s not a comparison game. I am sure that at some point in your life you went to someplace totally different than this and it was so much better. We aren’t going to the beach because it’s the best beach to ever exist in the world. We are going because beaches are awesome and these are the ones we have.
There are always restrooms, places to rent floaties, a snack shop, maybe a restaurant, and often showers. 95% of the food is Korean since this area is not heavily visited by tourists due to the lack of public transportation. If you don’t like Korean food, be sure to pack a picnic for the day. However, there will always be a convenience store for drinks, chips, water, etc. If we get there and you did not bring food and also don't like Korean food, this was your own personal choice to go hungry. Korea has done nothing wrong by having it's own food at beaches visited by Koreans.
If there is a massive storm coming in and we know it 7 days before, we will cancel the trip and issue refunds. However, it the weather arrives at the last minute and we can’t cancel, the bus will be rerouted either to cool, unique location that’s fun in a storm. The alternate locations will be given in advance. Since we can’t control the weather and the bus is booked, we might as well go do something fun somewhere dry.
Due to the fact I’m not a travel agent and I’m just renting some buses to make life in Pyeongtaek more fun for the community (I have a car and can go on my own so this really is for the general community), the rules have to be pretty strict. If the bus isn’t reasonably full 7 days before the trip it will be cancelled. That means you must cancel 10 days before the trip if want a refund. Seriously folks, don’t joke around and leave folks hanging.
Since I’m going to personally be responsible for paying for this bus, if you can’t go the day before I can’t give you a refund. What I recommend doing is finding somebody to take your spot. No, I can’t find somebody to take your spot for you. I literally have zero extra time in my day after coordinating everything so it’s going to have to be a group effort of personal responsibility to make this Beach Bus thing happen.
CAN YOU HELP ME WITH (fill in the blank question on the trip)?
No, not really. I will go on as many of these trips as I can. However, I’m not going as a tour guide, translator, or as information. I’m just another person going to the beach to relax. So, although I will be helping getting passengers loaded and making sure we don’t leave folks behind, that’s the extent of it. Due to the fact all the South of Seoul stuff has to happen around my full-time job, I have to be very strict about how things operate. I can manage the workload as long as everyone involved has a strong sense of community and personal responsibility. I don't have endless time to dedicate to this so please read everything before you ask questions. 
When I can’t make these trips there will be a designated person to contact who will be able to work with the drivers and be sure you get from Point A to Point B to Point A. 

You can download the South of Seoul App from: