Thursday, March 9, 2017

Useful Korean Phrases for Parents

This is a list of common useful phrases for parents whose kids attend Korean public schools. You can copy the following phrases and message them to the school and teachers as needed. Simple fill in the missing information.

(name) will be late to school(00:00).

(name)은 학교에 늦을 거예요(00:00).

(name) will not go to school today.

(name)은 오늘 학교에 가지 않을 거예요.

I will come at (time) to pick-up (name).

저는 (name)를 일찍(00:00) 데리고 갈 것입니다.

What time does school begin today?

오늘 학교는 몇 시에 시작합니까?

What time does school get out today?

오늘 학교는 몇 시에 끝나나요?

(name) is sick.

(name)은 아파요.

(name) will go to the hospital today.

(name)은 오늘 병원에 갈 거예요.

(name) is allergic to (Food name).

(name)은 (food name)에 알레르기가 있습니다.

What school supplies does (need) tomorrow?

(name)이 내일 학교에서 필요한 준비물은 무엇입니까?

Does (name) have home work today

(name)은 오늘 숙제가 있나요?

Yes, I understand.

네, 이해했습니다.

Yes, that’s ok. / Yes, that’s fine.

예, 괜찮아요.

If you have additional phrase that you would like to see added to this list, please send them to us via Facebook messenger.