Friday, May 19, 2017

One Heart Spring Fest 2017 - Stitch & Bitch

This weekend we are going to be at the One Heart Spring Fest in Anjeongri. It turns out that this festival is actually like two festivals in one. The Spring Fest is put on by the US Military and it happens on the US Military Base (see information below to see what you need to access this section of the festival). The One Heart Fest is organized by the City of Pyeongtaek and PIEF.
Camp Humphreys Spring Fest
12 - 6pm Inside the Gate

-Saturday, May 20: SpringFest 2017 from Noon – 6:30 p.m. at Independence Park. Korean-American friendship and cross-cultural understanding. Enjoy live entertainment, children’s games and crafts, inflatable bouncers and slides and food and beverage sales throughout the day. Not authorized at this event: pets, oversized bags, weapons, hard-sided coolers, food and alcohol (available on-site for purchase), fireworks, pop-up tents and shade structures. For more information, call DSN 753-8820.

RULES for getting on base to see this section of the festival:

"All Korean Nationals and non-USFK foreigners who want to go through the Humphreys main gate to attend the Spring Fest on May 20th from 1200-1830 need a photo ID: KID, ROK Driver's License or Passport. Children up to 12 years old do not need an ID. Teens from 12-18 need their school ID to enter the garrison on normal business days but I did not get confirmation if they need it for Spring Fest. Have teenagers bring their ID's just in case." Sig Flips the Table
Pyeongtaek One Heart Fest:
1 - 10 Outside the Gate

Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation (PIEF) is hosting the "12th One Heart Spring Fest” which is an interactive event for the participants, in hopes of promoting mutual understanding between the Koreans and foreigners residing in Pyeongtaek. No special ID is required for this part of the festival.

South of Seoul and
Sig Flips the Table host a
1pm - 7pm

For our part, we are partnering with Sig Flips the Table to host a craft / information booth at the One Heart Festival. We will be sharing information about navigation apps, catching taxis, calling daeri drivers, and more while we stitch friendship squares. The final result will be displayed at the PIEF Center in Paengseong. Our booth will be located across from Hwa Hwa. Be sure to come see us :) 

You will be able to find us across from Hwa Hwa Korean BBQ (use the search feature to quickly find the location). It's in the South of Seoul app (available in Google Play and the Apple App Store). Their is a direct link to both WAZE and Kakao Navigation available in the listing. It's nearly impossible not to find us :)