Wednesday, June 21, 2017

5 Best Bars in Bijeon2dong

Bijeon2dong is on the rise and is now easily the hippest place in the city to go out on a Friday night.  New bars are opening here each month and right now these are the top 5 sexiest choices for grabbing beverage in Bijeon2dong.

All of these locations have been entered into the app and await your reviews. We don't include the addresses in the blog because addresses in this area don't work correctly yet, especial in Google. Instead we have WAZE Navigation that will open directly from the app and take you straight there. Parking can be a hassle so either park in a garage or double check to make sure there are no CCTV cameras to give you tickets. Also, if you do drive, don't drive drunk. Taxis in Korea are plenty affordable.

Buses to this area include the: 1-1, 10, 5, 7-1, 15, 999, 6, 91

Where Craft Beer Market makes the magic happen.
Craft Beer Market
This is the place with the most heart for beer. They have setup their own micro-brewery while also selling craft brew favorites from around the country and abroad. These guys have a real passion for beer. Since home brewing is still relatively new to the country I'm sure they will have hits and misses, but it's so fun to be part of the adventure.

So many taps at 4 Frost, so little time.
A hip couple runs this super-hip little bar with a great view and a smooth vibe. Excellent place for a date night. A classy option for a night out on the town. With a wide variety of craft taps, great views, and a lovely menu it's the perfect place to talk all night.

They manage to make outdoors romantic in summer and winter.
1987 Rooftop Lounge
If you are looking for the sexiest place in town to grab a cocktail, you have found it. This is a must place to take your next date or girls night out. All kinds of snacks and sexy cocktails to sip while taking in the views of Pyeongtaek.

No stairs or elevators required for Daily Beer.
Daily Beer
One of the few street level options, their beer selection is limited but consists of safe comfortable classics. An excellent place to grab a drink while you wait for your movie to start. It might not be where you hangout all night, but it is the easiest place to duck in and wet the whistle.

Who doesn't want to drink all the drinks with this view?
Iron Beer
When you and the crew are looking for a big space with plenty of room and a fantastic balcony, go here. They have shots, pub games, and space. It's not really great for a date, but THE best place for large groups out to have a great time.

IMPORTANT: For those new to Pyeongtaek. ALWAYS use WAZE Navigation when visiting Bijeon2dong. Since this is a new neighborhood no addresses work in maps. Our WAZE links work off of latitude and longitude so they will get you there.)

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