Friday, November 24, 2017

3 Ways to Give Locally This Holiday Season

One of the best traditions of the western holiday season is the giving. It's also one the primary traditions we chose to bring with us into this expat life. Giving back helps us overcome our culture shock and feel connected and a part of this life we live. Everyone wins when we pull together as a community and lift each other up.

This season we have found three different ways to give back. Each one is special and speaks to us in different ways. We don't expect anyone to give to all three, but take a look at each of them and see if one is right for you. One of them is sure to find a place in your heart.

1. Good Neighbor Corps Donation Drive
Used or New Baby Items (6-36 Months)
First off, PIEF (Pyeongtaek International Exchange Foundation) has a very cool donation drive for those on a budget. They are collecting gently used baby items for babies in need. If you have a little one who has grown out of their clothes or toys, this is an amazing way to pass on the love. The items will be packaged and delivered to local organizations that care for babies.

Based on the number of items families give away on the buy/sell/trade pages, we think this is the perfect fit for many in the community. We are pretty sure we can blow the socks off this donation drive. Don't hesitate. Grab those extra toys, lovingly used clothes, and gently love blankets and take them to one of the locations listed below. You don't have to wrap anything, just drop things off. If you are feeling really motivated, offer to drop things off for your friends as well. PIEF will handle the rest.

We dream of seeing overflowing donation boxes.

Official information we received. 

Drop off location maps.

Look for these boxes

2. Robert's Used Cars
DEADLINE: December 31st
This photo was approved for us by the orphanage. 
If addressing hunger is close to your heart, we are also working with a local business  Roberts used cars and auto insurance, as well as community groups Suwan Newbies! and Bundang Social Club, to raise 6,000 US dollars to supply rice to an orphanage for a year. We are have already raised over 1,000 US dollars in three days so we believe this goal is very doable.  Let's break this down. 

Rice for 1 kid for 1 year: $92.30
Rice for 1 kid for 6 months: $46.15
Rice for 1 kid for 1 month: $7.69
Rice for 1 kid for 1 day: $0.26

Get it while it is hot, folks. 
US Paypal:
Korea Paypal:
Citibank Korea 55011-4242-6801 (다니엘)
Shinhan 100-031-104794 (Katie)
IBK(기업은행) 010-4682-4280 (Robert)
Please include a memo of "rice-giving" for easy tracking! 

Any money that we raise over this goal will go to supply the orphanage with much needed personal supplies. 

Even before reaching our goal for rice, this fundraiser is already a success since Songtan Loco Taco donated a large number of bunk beds to the shelter. The kids were over the moon to have new places to sleep.  It's great to be a part of a community this dedicated the giving spirit. CLICK HERE to see the FB Event

3. Adopt-A-Bag
SOS Asan Shelter Food Donation Program
DEADLINE: January 1st

Last but not least, we have a dream. A dream of stabilizing the food supply for 300 dogs as they wait for forever homes. We are looking for animal lovers to sponsor bags of food each month. We would love to reach our goal of 150 adopted bags by the end of the year. You can adopt them as Christmas Presents for the animal lover in your life. We will create a card and a video of the shelter so they can see the amazing work that their gift supports. CLICK HERE to read more  or to get signup just fill out this form. It will included the information you need to donate. CLICK HERE to help feed puppies.

Do You have Questions?
If you have any additional questions about these giving opportunities, you can send us an email at and we will forward you question to the correct person.