Monday, January 11, 2016

Nolboo Hangari Galbi

Nolboo Hangari Galbi has officially reopened in Songtan on the main shopping street in front of Osan Air Force Base. If you are new to Korea and new to Korean food, this is an excellent place to get your taste buds acclimated. The side dishes are mild, the meat is excellent, the menus and staff use English, there is a stalked bar, it's easy to find, and the owners are lovely. In my opinion, it's the best place for BBQ on strip.

If you love meat, there is really no way to go wrong with this meal. If you want simple you can just order un-marinated meat, grill it and eat it. If you are more adventurous you can try a marinated meat topped with all the garlic, Korean sauces, etc. It's a meal for everyone, unless you are vegetarian, then you want to stay very far away. 

Korean BBQ is simple to order. You will chose a few delicious cuts of beef or pork which will come with various pre-set side dishes. These side dishes are refilled for free, so if you love them you can just ask for more. Once you are used to eating here other meat restaurants will be a piece of cake. 

The one important thing to note is that Korean BBQ is a meal meant for two more more. However, during lunch time individual soups and stews are available at Nolboo Hangari Galbi.

Name: Nolboo Hangari Galbi
Address: Pyeongtaeksi  Shinjangdong 315-8
Phone: 031-665-3737