Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Touch Down

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If I'm going to go out and have a drink, I'm going to go to a dive bar. I'm going to drink cheap vodka on think about the good old days at The Fairview.  When that mood hit's I head over to Touch Down.

Why is this my bar of choice? First of all, I like it because it's old, dingy, and perfect for remembering things. Second of all, I like it because back when Songtan was nothing but juicy bars Gina (the owner) want's down with that. I knew that when I went to her bar it was going to be a friendly juicy free place to meet nice people. Third, she has been kind to the under 21 crowd who can't drink. Many places kick them out but Gina let's them drink their sodas and hang out. Fourth, it's a mixed crowd. The Touch Down is friendly to everyone. It's not an expat bar, it's just a local dive bar. Where locals go.

Name: Touch Down
Address: Main strip in Songtan kitty corner to Hangari Kalbi
(Which she also owns with her husband.)