Wednesday, April 20, 2016

La Mesa

Although it might not seem like it when you read my reviews, I don't love every place I eat. I simply don't feel that me hating a place makes it intrinsically terribly. It's just not what I happen to like, but want to I let others draw their own opinions. What I hate might be what someone else loves. Plus, the life of small business owners is hard enough without dealing with random people who fancy themselves demigods of the food world. Nope, my job here isn't about telling you what you should hate, it's just about telling you about what I love.

Which is why I have never talked about La Mesa until today.

Since I believe in second chances and revel in stories of redemption, I rallied and went to La Mesa last night after hearing signs of change in the air. To be honest, I didn't want to go. My experience last time, without getting into details, was so bad it was traumatizing. Everything about it was terrible. I say this so you understand that the following recommendation is one I never thought I would write.

La Mesa is fabulous. Last night I walked into a new restaurant with the same name. It was flawless. So much so that I had to ask if there as a new owner, what I learned is that it's the same owner but under new management and there are new chefs in the kitchen. This new team has talent.

Just look at these enchiladas and those salas and that guacamole, OMG! And the price? Fantastic. Way more affordable that Seoul Mexican food and so much better. I haven't tried everything on the menu yet, but I'm extremely excited about going back and getting as many different dishes as possible, just as soon as I get over my obsession with the chicken enchiladas.

In addition to the food, the service was perfect. Sure, I was there before the rush, but last time was before the dinner rush and it was still a train wreck. Last night everything was effortless and the staff very relaxed. 

Please, if you had a bad experience in the past don't hold it against them. Give them a try again. If you are new, get your but over there and eat yourself sick. It's scrumptious and right near the walking gate.

Address: 경기도 평택시 팽성읍 안정순환로 120번실 7
Phone: 010-7519-0719