Wednesday, April 27, 2016

5 More Things to do in Pyeongtaek: Water Edition

With summer coming quickly, it seems like a good time to post another 5 Things To do in Pyeongtaek blog since the last one was quite popular and there are plenty more things to do in the area. Just so you know, my taste in activities tends to lean toward the active and the outdoorsy and this list won't be any different. So grab your sunblock and let's go outside.

Seonggumi Hang Light, Dangjin, September 2008
Pyeongtaek Regional Maritime Affairs Office photo

1. Take a light house tour.

Did you know we have some pretty cool light houses in the area? Grab a car, a picnic lunch and spend a day touring the Pyeongtaek Light houses. Some of them look pretty darn cool.  Learn about the by <CLICKING HERE>

2. Hiking around near Pyeongtaek Lake

I can't believe it took me so long to find this delightful and easy hike. Take a picnic lunch to eat near the water or on top of the hill overlooking the water. It's just lovely. You can find the map and listing by <CLICKING HERE>

3. Go to the local swimming hole.

Although I'm pretty sure this place is haunted in the off season, it's old and just like a 1970's horror movie, I adore going here in the summer months. It's old, overly packed, run down and silly fun. Go with a group of people who are chilled out and ready to go with the flow. This isn't for fancy people with high expectations or folks who aren't comfortable being the only foreigners in the pool.

It is for people looking to get wet and have a magic summer experience. This is an adventure, if you aren't up for that - stay home. For a map and additional details <Click Here>

4. Spend the day at a theme park

Although it's not EXACTLY in Pyeongtaek, but it is right next door and an easy way to spend the day. Sapgyoho Land is old fashioned fun for those with a family or on a date. It's games, food on a stick, and it's right next to the water where you can take a lovely romantic walk. For a map and additional information <CLICK HERE>

Totally "borrowed" this photo. Will get my own someday.
5. Seojeong-ri "Fountain Park" 이충분수공원

Who doesn't love to get all wet and run through fountains in the summer? It's absolutely the BEST feeling on a crazy hot day. This is an absolute must for kids at hear or folks with kids. Put on some clothes that are good for getting wet, grab a bus, taxi or your walking legs and head off to 이충분수공원 located not far from Pyeongtaek City Hall.