Tuesday, July 25, 2017

5 Pho-king Fabulous Asian Restaurants

One of the benefits of living in an area filled with foreign immigrants and expats is having a selection of wonderful - what we call - expat home base restaurants. The places were expats from a particular area of the world gather to build community and feast on flavors we miss from home. This is a list of our top fav Asian expat hangouts. Oh, and they aren't all about pho, the title just made us laugh on a day we needed a good chuckle.

1. Pho Nho Vietnamese
Pyeongtaek Food & Fun

This is like hanging out in the families kitchen while their friends come over. The food is think with strong Vietnamese flavors. It's sweet, sour, hot, cold, and magic. Understand that this isn't a fancy restaurant and it smells strongly of Vietnamese food magic which might be too much for those without an adventurous appetite. This one is so good it gets two photos.

2. Thai Buffet (No sign on the door)
Asan Food & Fun

This isn't the cheapest option on the menu but it is an amazing deal. 20,000 per person. They have both pots of daily Thai treats as well as an all you can eat shabu shabu spread. They have only advertised for Thai people, but they do speak English. This restaurant isn't in Pyeongtaek. It's in Dunpo which is a small Asan town that bumps up on the border of Pyeongtaek near Camp Humphreys.

3. Kantipur Northern Indian and Nepalese 
Pyeongtaek Food & Fun

If you looking for some home style Northern Indian treats you have found the right place. This is where we go when our friends with mom's from that region are feeling homesick. The do it right, even down to the egg hidden in your Biryani. We especially love the appetizers which could make up an entire meal on their own.

4. Chingdda-o Shabu Shabu and Lamb - Chinese
Pyeongtaek Food & Fun

This might be a little too authentic for the average person.  It's filled with Chinese workers who hangout here in the evenings, both inside and outside on the streets. Since shabu shabu (or hot pot) came from China this is a great place to eat it. Here it will be spicy. They have many other Chinese dishes as well. It's very popular for it's lamb skewers as well.

5. Chinese Street Food
Pyeongtaek Food & Fun

This super cheap corner food hut has some lovely Chinese street food treats for only 1,000 won. You can easily fill up spending only 1-2,000won. It's a favorite for me when I'm in a hurry and don't want to spend all my money.

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