Thursday, July 6, 2017

Fire Cooked Lobster


This is another one of those places I expected to hate and didn't. There are so many ways a Lobster Roll can go wrong and I've tried most of them. Even when I had one in Maine the lobster was tasteless, barely there, and it cost like $15 while not filling me up. (Even remembering it makes me sad). But enough about them. Let's talk about this Fire Cooked Lobster joint.

Last night on the way to TacTac I was totally seduced by the affordability of this Lobster Roll (9,000 won each) and the fact they were cooking the tails with a blow torch. Honestly, if you light it on fire or put it on a stick I'm going to eat it even if it's food I normally hate. I'm paying for the experience. Can't tell you how many crappy things I've eaten because of this. (I don't actually love everything I try. I just only write about the things that make me happy for some reason.)

Much to my surprise and - maybe even - annoyance. I completely loved the Lobster Roll. It's so douche and gimmicky buy it was also good and reasonably filling (on a hungry day I might eat two). The weird sauce they put with the chips was even fun to eat. Weird, but tasty.  I can't wait to go here again. I'm so hoping they keep up the great work keeping the lobster tails cooked to perfection. It made such a difference. (I really don't like rubbery lobster or crab).

This is a wonderful addition to Pyeongtaek. I'm hoping they are super popular so that they can maintain their quality and focus on doing what they do right.

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