Thursday, July 6, 2017


First of all, completely NOT Mexican food and I totally don't care. I'm not selling you on this because it even resembles a taco - it's more like a burrito you make at home when you are cleaning out the leftovers and you think, "Hum?? That's pretty good. Also kind of strange... but I like it." I mean, it was a total mess but I scarfed it all down and felt good about it (maybe because it's a lot like the "Mexican" food we made in Alaska in the 80's & 90's). Didn't regret it. Will totally eat there again and think, "What am I eating?" but still be totally ok with it.

If you are a super picky eater where everything has to be "authentic" and just like home please don't go here. This isn't for you. Just keep walking. To go McDonalds or something. For everyone else who like a fun little adventure you might just find a delightful little place to eat some weird Kor-Mex food. Personally, I don't care if people from other cultures experiment with food and flavors. That's how we come up with interesting, inventive new things to eat.

Plus, it has Jarritos and you can't go wrong with Jarritos in a cute lunch stop with an adorable owner eating food wrapped in a tortilla. Maybe it's my seven years in Korea, but I was a content little waegukin.

It's not terribly cheap but not horribly expensive. One "taco" (which is more like a small burrito) and a Jaritos was about 8,800 won or something like that. Can't really remember. Didn't break the bank, but did make me scream "I should have gotten two". They also haven't made their menus yet so if you have zero Korean skills it might be hard to order.

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