Thursday, October 29, 2015

Baguette Sandwiches

While looking for parking to go get my haircut, I was shocked to see this new sandwich shop had popped up. Although I've never been to Vietnam, I'm a fan of Banh Mi since was back in the day due to a life lived in the international district in Seattle where I could get one for $1.25 and lived off of them. Of course it's been almost 20 years since then and now these fresh sandwiches are a lot more vogue and a lot more expensive.  That said, they are still just as worth it.

Although they have a variety of options, I went with the classic Vietnamese ham with extra cilantro since I'm a bit of a cilantro slut.  As I chowed down I realized this would be a great place for vegetarians (not vegans) to grab a bite of lunch, so I asked them if they would make the sandwich with only veggies and no meat if people asked and they said that they would.  So know that is an option if you are out and about.

Another plus, very affordable and huge.  If I wasn't starved I could have easily split this with someone.

LOCATION:  Just down from JJ's American Diner and across from BANG in Anjeong-ri.