Friday, October 23, 2015

The Stoop

Pyeongtaek Food
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If I could reach through the screen, grab you by the shirt collar and drag you to The Stoop I would, because you must eat here. Personally, I have been waiting 4 years for a magnificent meatball sandwich to arrive in my little corner of Korea so I might be more excited than most. Sure, maybe if I was willing to go to Seoul I could have found one earlier, but I get to Seoul about once a year and there is no time for searching when I am there.

When news arrived that The Stoop had appeared I was on my motorbike and headed there immediately. Once I walked into The Stoop I felt right at home with all the black walls and arm tats.  It felt like Seattle, but with waitstaff that showered.  Plus, the menu read like a "whose who" of hipster Italian soul food - which is not a bad thing - and I might have been seduced by some of the other dishes if my heart hadn't already been set on finding the perfect meatballs.

Maybe you are thinking, "Hey, Nae-nae, you've been out of America for a long time.  You don't even remember what real western food tastes like" and I would answer, "Valid point."  Except that I make killer meatballs at home and have never lost my pallet for tradition or American Italian.  It's my jam.  I have a garden in front of my house just so I can make it perfect every time.  I have standards.

Now, this isn't Italian, Italian.  This is New York Italian in all it's glory: saucy, full of fennel, super soft texture, and kind of melty.  This is a sandwich that makes you feel like you need to put on a safety vest and cat-call some ladies - which is totally unacceptable behavior unless you have just eaten a really delicious meatball. 

The one word of advice I can give is that the meatball sub, like most meatball subs, is not nearly as great later as leftovers.  It needs to be eaten hot in the shop for maximum amazeballs.

Address: 경기도 평택시 팽성읍 안정리 148-5