Friday, October 23, 2015

Loco Taco


UPDATE: Now always open, have added fish and shrimp tacos

I'm caught in a moral dilemma.
Recommending these tacos is like recommending your favorite new show that is most likely going to be cancelled after the first season,
and is swapping time-slots each week.
Do you really want to tell someone to get addicted to something they may never be able to find, and if they do, it might just vanish?


On one hand, 
these are possibly the best Baja style tacos in Korea 
and you need to put as many in your mouth as possible.

On the other hand,
 you never know if the shop will be open,
or if they will even have food.

This shop is just a hobby for a businessman from California who loves beer and tacos. 
He doesn't have any motivation to be open if he doesn't want to be open, 
which part of me respects and part of me resents because:

Two tacos is enough, but I want to eat six.
Seriously, man, don't mess with a girls tacos.
We are sensitive and fragile, 
our little taco shell hearts are easily crushed 
when you aren't open when you said you would be open.

Pretty soon we stop coming around for tacos,
not because we don't want them everyday,
but because we can't handle the rejection.

Chicken Taco
*deep breath, wipes away a tear *

Please, don't let this just be a summer fling.
Please let this be real.
Stop being a taco tease and make a commitment.

Pork Taco

Name: Loco Tacos
Address:  Located near Osan Main Gate.  
Look for Sponge Bob and 3 wheeled machines parked out front.