Wednesday, August 31, 2016

5 Places To Hide On A Rainy Day.


Located not far from the fortress in Suwon, this labryth of art and art spaces with an attached cafe could fill an entire day. Hideout in cozy rooms while creating and viewing art and crafts. It's a place that's always changing and always an adventure. CLICK HERE FOR LISTING


Maybe the coziest place in downtown Pyeongtaek, this large cafe is filled with intimate nooks and cubbies where you can easily waste an entire day writing, chatting with friends, taking a bit of a nap, and drinking warm beverages until winter is over. CLICK HERE FOR MollaKorea LISTING.


This cute space is a mix of open space and "birds nests". The birds nests are a delightful place to huddle and drink hot cocoa under a blanket (which they provide) while the rain pounds down outside. CLICK HERE FOR MollaKorea LISTING.

Anjung (and Pyeongtaek)

With big glass windows and chairs covered in faux fur and lots of blankets available, this is a great cafe to watch the rain come down while all snuggled up with a hot cup of grapefruit tea. A perfect place for lovers of storms and thinking spots. CLICK HERE FOR MollaKorea LISTING.


This tiny little cafe wraps around you like a hug, so when you add a mocha and big slice of apple bread you're going to want to just sit for ages and let the rain wash away all your worries. Bring a book or a notebook and lose yourself in the afternoon. CLICK HERE  FOR MollaKorea LISTING.