Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Stoop Pizzeria has Arrived

For years I've dreamed of American style pizza. The kind of pizza where I get to make it just like I want it. Vegan pizza? no problem. Pizza with all the meat and no cheese? Yah, they got that. White pizza? Of course, come on over. Nothing but cheese? Well, of course. I mean really, did you think the brilliant minds behind the first incarnation of the stoop were going to let you down?  

But it's not the just the toppings that stand out, the crust has gotten better every week as they perfect their technique, find the right flour mixture, and learn their ovens. Just when I think, "All right you guys, you've nailed it" I go back and it's just a little bit better.

It's so good to have pizza back in my life. I love it so much it's a once a week ritual for me now. Half dripping with cheese for the hubby, and half dripping in sauce for me. 

If you haven't had it yet, grab your wallet and get your butt over there. Give them all your money and eat all the pizza. It will be time and money well spent. 

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