Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Ruddy Cafe Specialty Coffee

After a month of rest it's time to get caught up on all the places I have been and the things that I've done. One of the super finds I made during my holiday was this new cafe that opened in the countryside near my work. Considering I work in the middle of rice fields, the fact this place popped up is shocking. However, after stopping by and chatting with the owners it all made sense.

This is the expansion of a popular coffee shop that has been open for four years near Pyeongtaek University, Ruddy Cafe. They needed more space for roasting beans and growing their business so they put in this gorgeous space in the countryside. A total dream come true. For ages I've complained about not having a place near work (and Camp Humphreys) for getting away from it all and consuming too much caffeine, but those days are no more. My retreat has arrived.

For those that love to ride bikes and / or have a car. This is an easy place to visit, but if you are counting on public transportation it might be a bit problematic. I know there are buses nearby but I also know the schedules aren't that great. So that's the downside for some folks. Personally, this is an easy place to visit on my bike commute so I'm a happy camper.

If you have kids who like to run around, this is a good place for you. They have a huge yard outside and I saw plenty of tots running amuck when I was there. It's the countryside so folks are very chill.

Although I speak Korean, I did remember to check this time and they do have English menus and said they are happy to have English speaking guests. I have no idea if they speak English so I failed in that aspect. I'm sorry. I just forget. Makes me kind of an asshole but I don't do it on purpose I promise. It's just hard for me to remember.

For their address information and a map check out their MollaKorea Listing <HERE>.

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