Wednesday, August 24, 2016

MANNA the Kitchen


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Yesterday I FINALLY was able to stop by MANNA The Kitchen which is, in essence, an upgraded Stoop. Whey did The Stoop need an upgrade when it was already as good as it gets? The answer is simple: space. The kitchen and dining area simply weren't big enough to accommodate the growing customer base. So MANNA was born.

Even though the space is new, they haven't thrown-the-baby-out-with-the-bath-water. They have kept their signature items on the menu while also adding equally delicious new items. For example, I had their new Rigatoni pasta which was piled with both my favorite house made meatballs as well as their new house made sausage.  I could barely finish it. So good. It's going on my favorites list.

For the their sandwich and brunch lovers, you will be happy to know these items are still blissfully featured with the same competitive prices. I personally think there isn't a better deal in town when looking at price point and quality for either lunch or brunch. For example, most of their sandwiches are under 10,000won.

The space itself is simply beautiful and feels luxurious. MANNA is The Stoop all grown up. The open kitchen plan and cozy carpet make you feel like you just got a promotion. You might think, "This is going to be sooooo expensive!" when you first walk in, but don't panic. Even though the ambiance is money the menu won't break your bank.

So fancy and yet nobody kicked me out when I showed up for dinner "fresh" from my bike commute in the hot sun. You will feel comfortable on a date or just stopping in to grab something on the way home for work. Also, if you are dining alone they have a big long bar where you can make yourself comfortable. Even if they tables are full there is a space for the singles to mingle.

The only problem I see with MANNA is how I'm going to choose between the MANNA menu and The Stoops new pizza. I LOVE the pizza and there are only 7 days in the week. How am I going to fit all this delicious food into my schedule?

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Of course, if we are talking upgrading, Beyonce should always have the last word...