Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fresh Salmon Restaurant 생 연어예찬

Stole this from their Facebook because I forgot my phone ㅠㅠ
This fresh salmon restaurant in Songtan has been of interest for me for a while, however I always seem to be in the neighborhood either too early, too late or too alone. This last week though, I decided to not let "too alone" get in the way and I swung in to see if they might have something for a hungry single person.

Turns out they do and it's delicious and cheap. For 6,800 (or something near that) they have what is basically a salmon "poki bowl" and it's pretty darn big. It also comes with a fishcake soup which makes the meal on of the best deals in town and I will be eating it a lot.

However, if you aren't eating alone this also may be the best place in Songtan for feasting on affordably priced fresh salmon. I plan to go back very soon with a friend and try out some of their larger sushi places that were VERY well priced, and based on the quality of fish in my poki bowl, should be excellent.

The restaurant does NOT have an English menu and the owner doesn't speak English as far as I know. He has assumed that foreigners don't like sashimi so he hasn't put any effort into marketing to us (I asked him and this was what he told me). He wasn't trying to be rude he just doesn't realize a lot of us LOVE raw fish.  I say, let's show him how wrong he is. I think this could be a foreigner favorite since they also sell plenty of affordable saki.

Anyway, if you love salmon and are looking for a crazy good deal on it - go here now. Understand that the menu will NOT be in English but you can easily use your translator to figure it out. It's not a complicated menu. They are also open AFTER 5.00pm so don't show up for lunch.

This is going on my list of regular places to eat since it's both affordable and healthy.

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