Thursday, October 20, 2016

Jessica Hair / 제시카헤어

Many people are asking about where to get their haircut in Pyeongtaek. Both myself and my co-inhabiting trouble maker go to a place in Seojeong-dong called Jessica Hair. We've tried many different places around Pyeongtaek, but at the end of the day we come back here. Even reviewers on Naver overwhelmingly support this place.

Do they speak English? I don't think so, but their menu is in English so that's not a problem. My other-half can't communicate in Korean either, but he still goes here to get his hair cut and he has curly crazy hair that most places really mess up. The ladies and Jessica always have him looking sharp. He brings a picture and they check in with him along the way. He feels comfortable.

These types of price sheets are usually different but close to the real price. lol
I love them because they do what I ask, and I ask them to do some pretty weird stuff (from a Korean standpoint) and make it look as good as I'd hoped it would. At first they were like, "You want us to shave what?" but now they are used to it and keep me looking almost normal.

The prices are super great. My hair cut runs 20,000 with a wash and dry. 

We never make appointments for cuts, we just walk in. 
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