Friday, October 28, 2016

October 29th Fall MATO Festival In Front of Camp Humphreys

Here is what you need to be doing tomorrow, Saturday October 29th, the MATO Festival. Trust me, it's pretty darn delightful. It's good, old-fashioned classic fun. Think small town festival with the simple delights of childhood. It's heart warming.

Even though I had seen the posters and such, I didn't actually go one until this summer. Now I'm sad I missed all the others. Also, I didn't even go on purpose. I was coming back from Costco and stopped off to grab a bite to eat only to discover a big old party happening on the shopping street outside of the Camp Humphreys walking gate. To be honest, I had even avoided the festival up until this point because the fliers and signs looked boring and I need real motivation to do something like leave my house on a Saturday.

Well, I was wrong and I admit it. This is a lovely and fun event because it's so darn community focused and makes you feel more connected. So I am encouraging you to get out there and be a part of this wonderful community party. Dress the kids up. Eat too much candy. Do the crafts. Hangout with your friends and drink in the streets (at least that's what I do at festivals).

There will be live music, dancers, booths, crafts, cotton candy and more. The perfect thing to do with a family on Saturday. This won't be too big or stressful and English is everywhere, this is the perfect event that lets you mingle with your neighbors and entertain yourself and the kids.

ALSO, tomorrow just happens to be the fall MATO Festival and they have coordinated it to coincide with Halloween. They will be having a costume contest for the kids and adults. Here is the information for those looking for an awesome Halloween event for the kids. There will also be trick-or-treating at local businesses but I don't have the information on that.

Get you there and celebrate fall before winter hits and you don't want to go outside for three months.