Monday, November 9, 2015

2 Best Eggs Benedicts (I mean brunches)

Thank you Kamila for the photo.  She said Louis' benny was, "Frickin' delicous"
Brunch has started to become quite vogue in Korea, however, many of the "brunch" options are rather strange.  And by strange and I mean Eggs Benedict is not on the menu.  I can forgive calling it brunch and not have Mimosas (ok not really), but no Egg Benny?

Thankfully, in Anjeong-ri, they are swimming in Hollandaise sauce. On Saturday (late morning, don't expect anything before 10am) you can stuff your beautiful face until you feel fat, content, and indulged - like any good brunch should make you feel. The only thing missing are the Mimosas, but I've said that so I should let it go (except I hear my heart crying inside so it's hard).

Brunch Monday - Saturdays from 11:30

A fast favorite. The Stoop has now become everyone's addiction.  Not only do they crank out killer New York style Italian food, but they also make TWO kinds of Eggs Benedict your mother warned you about.  If the restaurant was your date, I'd say marry them now. Plus, Mimosas are on the menu. These are the things that brunch dreams are made of.

Brunch Saturday & Sunday from 10am - 2pm

The new kid in town came out swinging last weekend with a brunch menu to make you weep.  The Eggs Benedict even has an awesome twist using homemade chorizo and fresh biscuits (thanks to Kamila for the picture above). It's sassy and classically fresh. They also serve Bloody Marys which are an excellent substitute for a Mimosa during the winter (but come summer, that's a different story). *edit* rumor has it they have Mimosas on request.

See you all at brunch. 

(As always, if you have a great place to recommend.  Please leave a comment so we can check it out.)

In Memoriam: Alice's Brunch Cafe - Songtan has closed for business. This was one of the only places for brunch for years. It will be missed.