Tuesday, November 17, 2015

How to Use the Subway and Where to Go

While living in Pyeongtaek you are going need to become one with the Seoul Subway. However, it's not just a way to get to Itaewon. It also takes you to an amazing treasure trove of interesting stops hidden across our province. We encourage you to watch these videos, read the blog listed, and create a plan to tour Gyeonggi-do via the Seoul Subway.

1: How To Use The Subway

If you aren't familiar with using the Seoul Subway System, here is a great video tutorial from YouTube.  The subway system is very easy to use and if you use the app mentioned below, it's almost fool proof... almost. The first few times can feel overwhelming, but stick with it.  You will become a pro.

2: The Best Subway App

Be warned, there are multiple apps for the Seoul Subway System but only one that matters - this one. Erase all the others and forget you ever saw them. Also, you want to download this app when you have access to wifi so prepare before you leave home. This app will give you options such as fastest route and easiest route. It also estimates time and cost. Although, for longer trips, the timing is often not accurate so allow some extra time if you are going over an hours ride.

3: Where to Go

Now that you are ready to travel, it's time to figure out where to go. Without the right help, it can feel like an impossible choice.  The Seoul Subway System is huge and a dot on the map doesn't tell you much. Thankfully there is both a blog and a series of YouTube videos that can help you.

First the blog, The folks at Seoul Suburban have created an incredibly comprehensive set of blogs over the last 5 years that tell you everything you need to know about touring the Seoul Subway.  We recommend visiting them at seoulsuburban.com and building your dream travel list. It's a phenomenal resource. 

Next, you can also watch Subway Saturdays on YouTube.  They give excellent directions to some very cool places and you can also get an idea about what it's like to just walk around the areas. The downside is that they only have five episodes, so after you have watched them all, refer to Seoul Suburban.


For a little extra motivation, check out the Seoul Subway Song. It's catchy and makes me want to run out and go some place random on the Seoul Subway System every time I watch it.

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