Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Tucked away on a back street in Songtan, near the AF base, UnWined is my favorite drinking establishment. They have a small, but nice selection of wine that please nearly everyone. They also speak English and have English menus.  

The food is Italian inspired with things like pizza and cheese plates. A favorite aspect for me is that they will make me delicious cheese-less Pizza smothered in tomato and basil and pepperoni.  Since cheese is a no-go for me, I really value their willingness willingness to cater to my dietary restricts. Something many eateries won't do, especially pizza shops. 

Each month the Songtan and Seojeongri Teachers group meets here to share battle stories and get a little tipsy. I've also heard there is a wine tasting group that meets there once a month or so, ask the bar about it.  

Name: UnWined
Address: 경기도 평택시 신장동 317-29