Wednesday, June 22, 2016


It's no secret I've struggled to find coffee shops I'm happy with near Camp Humphreys, or maybe it is... Anyway, I've simply not been impressed. Either they aren't comfortable, aren't cute, or don't taste great.

Well, my search has finally been rewarded. Sadly, this is not next to the main gate, but it is in the same town, it is lovely, my espresso wasn't bitter, and I as able to completely enjoy it while sitting outside in the evening sun. I call that a win.

Not only that but THEY SELL BEANS!!!!! YAHHHHHHH.  I hadn't expected this bonus feature and I'm pretty excited about it. Prices are 10,000 won per 200g and they have a variety of options. I didn't buy any to try, but based on the coffee I had there I'm guessing it will be good.

As it turns out, the shop is next door to a coffee supply company, so they have access to all the best stuff. Maybe they even have the same owner. I really don't know. I was too busy to grill them on all the details.

The point being, it you are living near Humphreys and looking for a place to hangout, or you need some beans for home - go check out Cafe AGIT. It's worth you time and your taste buds.

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