Thursday, June 9, 2016

Maree Dessert Cafe

Yesterday I was feeling pretty sad after going to a gorgeous restaurant and having had to send my dinner back to have it remade. Not because I didn't quite like the flavor, but because it was actually impossible to eat (Yes, this is going somewhere.) After I finished I needed to go drown my sorrows so I headed to the Songtan strip by Osan Air Force Base.

For a few months now I've been watching the progress on a new coffee shop above Kustom Works and - since the roaded I was on deadened there - I decided I would go see if anything exciting was happening. Sure enough, the new cafe was open! But the sign said "French desserts" and I rolled my eyes at that. I've been promised a lot of French desserts in the last six years and only Maison de Creme has ever delivered.

The place was quiet when I arrived (they have JUST opened) and there were only a few desserts in a display cabinet, to be nice I half heart-idly went over to check them out before I ordered my coffee. What I found made me stop and take a closer look. These weren't your average offerings. There were things that I haven't seen in the area before. Not only that, I looked behind the counter and realized the woman was making them right there and then for all to see. They ACTUALLY are made in shop. So I decided to order something. I mean, so many broken promises already tonight (Yah, I was feeling overly dramatic. The perfect mood to try something French) what's one more? I ordered a lemon tarte and espresso then sat down to be disappointed (As I said, I was feeling super dramatic).

Well, I was wrong. Nothing was a disappointment. It was so good I finished my tarte and moved on to the flowerless chocolate cake, a cake made with some of the best baking chocolate in the world (this cake is only for those who love actual chocolate. Like, dark, bitter, choco perfection).

The coffee must have been fine but I hardly remember it, I was too obsessed with the lemon and chocolate deliciousness.

Now, I've traveled in France a lot. I'm not telling you these are spot perfect French desserts. I've never had a perfect, perfect French dessert outside of France. I would never hold anyone to that standard. What I am saying is that this is the best European style dessert I've had in Korea outside of things cooked at home or Maison De Creme.

Also, I'm going to say there the baker is trying things, learning, and exploring her craft. There is going to be some error and some success, but I want to be part of that journey and eat along beside her. Watching her talents and growth. It's like a dessert adventure. I love it.

Maree Dessert Cafe is located in Songtan on the main shopping strip in front of Osan Air Base. It is above Kustom Works next to Centro.

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