Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Stoop is Growing!

First the good news:
The stoop is expanding! The foodie community in Anjeong-ri has really embraced them and they are branching off into two locations.

1. The Stoop restaurant itself is going to be moving to a new, much larger location above Julie's Realty, below Boiling Crab, directly across from Camp Humphreys, and next to Bear Paw. This new location means a bigger kitchen and more items on the menu. At this point what will be on the menu is just rumor, but all the rumors sound delicious so I'm sure it will be perfection.

The new location is an open concept kitchen with seating for a little over 50. Other perks are attached restrooms, an elevator and a small balcony area. The menu at the new location will be upgraded so you only have about 2 more weeks to enjoy the current menu before it's time to move on to the next one.

2. The old location will be getting a new name and will become an American style pizzeria. Considering the head chef at The Stoop's commitment to quality, this can only mean good things for pizza lovers. Not only that, rumor has it they will have delivery. This is one number you are going to want on speed dial.

Now the bad news:
Maybe it's time you sat down for this. During this transition we are going to be without The Stoop for a few weeks. Shhhh, don't cry, it's going to be ok. It's just a few weeks. I promise we can make it through this together. Just please don't panic when you see The Stoop closed. They will be opening up again with two great options instead of just one. Please tell everyone you know to help prevent the trauma and shock of thinking The Stoop is gone forever when they see it closed for a bit.

Also, a few weeks before the new shop opens they will be offering reservations for opening week. Currently opening day is all ready booked solid and they haven't even announced when it is yet. Folks in-the-know are just that excited to be there on day one.

Entrance near Sushi in Jay

You can take the elevator or stairs.

Kitchen is starting to come together.

The view of the main driving gate to the right.