Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Four Seasons Theme Dog Park

While on the search for human swimming pools in Pyeongtaek I came across something I'd never thought to look for, dog theme parks. So, imagine my shock when one just happened to be located only 10 minutes from our house. Actually it was less shock and more complete disbelief. I mean, how could there be an awesome dog park minutes from my house and I not know? I research everything!!!!

Well, it's there and it's big and it's very well maintained. It's not cheap, but it's also not terribly expensive. Especially if you consider the package prices include very impressive self-dog washing areas that will make it super easy for you to take your fur babies home looking like royalty. 

There are three exorcise areas that are separated by dog size (although we did see some tiny dogs chilling in the big dog area) and two swimming pools for owners (also separated by size) and dogs to frolic in together.

Plus, there are plenty of shaded areas with picnic tables where you can hang out all day with your friends if you bring all your supplies.  If you don't bring your supplies you can also order BBQ from them and use their BBQ's or grab a snack for you and your fur friends at the cafe. We had a coffee and it was totally respectable.

If you like to practice agility training, they have all kinds of ramps and things to hop over, under and around. The spaces all appeared to be very well secured with tons of space for dogs to run.

Prices are based on 1) dog size 2) what facilities you plan to use 3) how many dogs you have 4) how many people are in your group. Since space is limited they can have you show up for a picnic with 20 friends and one dog and not charge for the entire group. It makes sense based on the business model. Price per person is 3,000 and price per dog ranges from 8,000 (small dog just chilling in the exorcise area) to 30,000 (giant dog using all the things).

We recommend coming here in an outfit that you want to get wet in and playing all day with your fur baby. Make a day of it. Get all your moneys worth and maker you doggy the happiest doggy in the world. 

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ADDRESS: 경기도 평택시 서탄면 마두리 43-17